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Whether you’re just trying out sweeps for the first time, or you’re a seasoned player searching for new places to game, take a look at our comprehensive list of sweepstakes casinos. We’ve taken care to bring you the best places for free casino-style games, and only recommend providers that we would use ourselves. In these houses, you can expect to find a full spread of traditional card games, along with slots and more, all of which are free to play. 

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A closer look at all our favorite sweepstakes casinos

Sweepstakes casinos are a new breed of gaming house, but in many ways, they are a continuation of the numerous sweepstakes competitions that have always been popular in the US. Unlike at other casinos, in a sweeps house, you don’t have to pay to play any of the table games, jackpots, or slots. Instead, everything on offer is completely free to play. You may be wondering what the catch is, but there really isn’t none. As these casinos use their own coins and work in a different way to standard houses, you will never be asked to top up your balance. To give you a thorough introduction to the idea, we’ve created a list of sweepstakes (sweeps) casinos featuring detailed reviews on what each house has to offer.

What are sweeps casinos?

As well as offering all the latest casino-style games from many of the industry’s best-known developers, these new sweeps casinos have a huge following on social media. Rather than concentratinge on the gaming experience alone, they are more about keeping their players entertained, supporting them in forming an online community, and providing a sense of fun. Most have an impressive collection of table games, as well as live dealers, progressive jackpots, and a massive library of slots in all the most popular themes.

However, instead of asking players to make a cash stake in order to play, sweepstakes casinos work on a different model. They use two types of in-house tokens, one of which is called gold coins and one which is referred to as sweeps coins. Often the sweeps coins are named after the casino itself.

Gold coins can be used to place bets on every game in the house and they are provided to you by the casino, free of charge. These coins do not have any cash value, but if you win a game, you’ll be rewarded with more gold coins, and therefore your budget goes further. The second type of coin, the sweeps coin, is also given away to players, but unlike the gold coins, it is not available to buy. Instead, these coins either have to be acquired as part of a gold coin purchase or obtained during one of the sweeps cash casinos promotional events.

In terms of the games and how they are played, you’ll get an identical similar experience overwith gold and sweeps coins, and the same is true for the rewards you win. However, Pplaying with sweeps coins nets you sweeps coin winnings, and if these stack up high enough, they can be redeemed for cash prizes. That’s how you can top up your bank balance at a sweeps casino, without ever making a deposit.

Even though the rewards are managed differently, everything else about a sweeps casino will feel familiar to our readers. Most of these new sweeps casinos have made huge investments in their websites, so you can expect a smooth, lag-free experience from the moment you arrive. Each entry in the list of sweepstakes casinos we’ve put together has stunning web design, immersive animations, and simple navigation, so moving between games or pages is easy. Plus, the titles they offer are fair to play, immersive, and atmospheric, featuring the latest in 3D graphics, bonus rounds, and special features to keep you focused.

We’ll always check out the customer service to ensure that you can get help when you need it, and we’ll let you know which methods a casino offers. As a minimum, you can expect an email address that can be used to reach the customer care team, but a phone line and a chat service are always appreciated as well. Most have also created a comprehensive FAQ section that’s packed full of detailed answers to all your pressing questions. These sections are especially useful when it comes to understanding how the individual casino works, and also, how a sweeps casino functions compared to traditional houses.

You might be concerned about the lack of legal tender stakes, but that doesn’t detract from your play, because there are still ways to win legal tender prizes or even gift cards. In fact, if the majority of your gaming experiences have been at traditional houses, you won’t find many points of clear difference when it comes to the gaming floor. Sweeps casinos lay on numerous competitions, along with staging regular giveaways, jackpot prize draws, and more. The emphasis is always on having a good time, but the free-play aspect of these casinos just makes them even more appealing to many.

The games libraries of our recommended sweeps casinos are packed with titles from the giants of development, with entries from the likes of Playtech, MicroGaming, and Play ‘n Go. You’ll get excellent narratives, backed up by reliable game mechanics, and gorgeous visual elements.As with any other casino, you can browse the bonuses area, read up on the latest titles that have been added to the casino’s library, and search through the spread to find games that appeal to your style of play. Aside from the key differences we’ve mentioned such as free-to-play games, a double coin wagering system, and a more social focus, regular players are likely to feel right at home in a sweeps casino.

Seasoned players will also find that registering to open an account at a sweeps casino is faster than at other traditional houses. As you don’t need to add to your balance from your own funds, there is no need to include a credit card or another payment method, which saves lots of time. For most sweeps casinos, it’s simply a case of tapping in your email address, creating a username and password to log in with, and you’re off.

As with any other casino, you can browse the bonuses area, read up on the latest titles that have been added to the casino’s library, and search through the spread to find games that appeal to your style of play. Aside from the key differences we’ve mentioned such as free-to-play games, a double coin wagering system, and a more social focus, regular players are likely to feel right at home in a sweeps casino.

Are sweeps casinos legal in the US?

Yes, in the majority of states, sweepstakes casinos are legal. Right now, the only exception to this is Washington State, and the reason they do not allow sweeps casinos to open is because they have different legislation covering online gameplay. Although many forms of social gaming are not widely available in the US, sweepstakes casinos are able to flourish because of the way they use free coins. That means players can open an account, select their favorite casino games, and start placing wagers, without having to hand over their bank details or spend any of their cash. In fact, these coins are so regularly given away by the casino, that many players just use these complimentary coins every time they play.

Sweeps casinos use a system based on two coins:; gold coins, which have no monetary value, and sweeps coins, which can be exchanged for a cash prize. Both are given away, but they are used for different types of play. When you are planning a few quiet games or exploring a new title, gold coins are a better option. However, when you feel more confident in a table game or a slot and you’re playing to win, it’s better to use the second coins, which areis also known as a sweeps coins. If you strike it lucky when playing with these, you can add them to your balance and once you’ve accrued enough, it is possible to change them for a cash prize or gift card. Some sweepstakes casinos even have clothing or other items to give away often these feature the casino’s branding.

This may all sound slightly complicated at first, especially as you are managing two types of coins with different functions to play the same games! However, once you’ve got an account up and running, it will all fall into place quite quickly. That’s because sweeps casinos make switching between the two coin types very easy. Often they have a button and you just click this to toggle between the coins. It is this aspect of sweeps cash casinos that keeps them compliant with the law and completely legal.

When it comes to social gaming, US laws focus on the placing of a monetary stake in something that has an outcome that cannot be easily predicted. As so many standard casino games are based on chance, social gaming tends to be a restricted activity. However, as sweeps casinos do not ask their patrons for any cash, that key part of the law is not applicable. This frees up sweeps casinos to offer a full spread of games, across much of the US. They have become a blend of the old sweepstake competitions that used to run on our TVs regularly and the new online casinos that offer the best in contemporary gaming. By choosing this structure for their service, sweeps casinos are not affected byut the regulations that would impact most other houses.

Do sweeps casinos offer free casino games?

Yes, you can take your pick from all the usual casino games that you’d find in a standard house, from video poker to roulette and live dealer games. The only difference is that at new sweeps casinos, the massive library of games that they provide is all free to play for account holders.

Without any of the limits that other casinos have to deal with due to space restrictions or the various regulations that cover standard online gaming, sweeps casinos have the ability to offer many more titles. Some pair up with game developers to give their members exclusive access to titles that you won’t find anywhere else online. If that’s the case for any houses on our list of sweepstakes casinos, we will always give you a heads-up!

At these casinos, the best-loved style of game tends to be slots, probably because they are so accessible and can be played to unwind because they only require a minimum amount of concentration. Nevertheless, a quick look around the lobby of the average sweeps casino reveals that they also provide many other types of casino games. Here’s a closer look at the main categories you’ll find:.


If Ffor whatever reason slots appeal to you, there will always be a wide choice at the average sweeps casino. With only a few rules to bear in mind whilest you play, you can pick up and play a new release in seconds. If there are bonuses or special features to get the hang of, you can learn over time, because each spin is free, so there’s no need to rush. Plus, if you’re starting to feel tired, or you have somewhere to be, you can just close the game and walk away. Forget finishing your hand on a table game or excusing yourself to other players in a live card match. Slots offer an altogether more relaxing, immersive experience.

Table games

Lots of you love to test out your skills in games of strategy like poker and blackjack, as well as games that involve an element of chance, like roulette. If you are ready for table games, then you’ll find all the casino classics at a sweeps house. Along with the standard versions of each, you can expect a good selection of variants and those whichthat have slightly different rules, to add variety to your gaming sessions. You can play these games alone to improve your skills and build your confidence, before joining a live game and trying your chances against a table of other players.

Many sweeps casinos offer card games that are streamed live, delivering the atmosphere of a real-world casino straight to wherever you are. You’ll find all kinds of card players in these rooms, from the serious professionals who are ready to give you a run for your money to those who are simply joining in to learn from the masters, and everyone in between. If you’re looking for a more engaging casino experience and want to test your gameplay, live games won’t disappoint.

Video poker

Players who are at new sweeps casinos for the social aspect of play are likely to appreciate the chance to chat with others and get to know their opponents during a game of video poker. As one of the most recognizable casino titles, video poker is played in real-time at many online sweeps casinos. If you are new to the title, or you have questions about stakes, or any other aspect of the game, remember you can always ask the dealer for help that’s what they’re there for. Some players even team up with friends in this virtual space to occupy a whole table and enjoy a fun-packed night of top-quality poker.

Scratch cards

You might not associate scratch cards with digital gaming, but you can expect to find them at many sweeps cash casinos. They are as easy to get the hang of as the paper cards you can buy in stores, so they can offer a fun distraction between the more demanding games, or when you only have a few minutes to play. All you need to do is click on the card’s various boxes to see if you can reveal a winning combination. If that’s too time-consuming, you can work your way through more scratch cards on certain games that allow you to simply click on one box to reveal all the numbers at the same time. If you like the way slots tend to be based on certain themes and aesthetics, then you’ll find more of the same in the scratch card library.

Which games can be played for free at sweeps casinos?

You’ll find all the traditional thrills of casino gaming and more at a sweeps house, here’s a look at the most commonly offered titles in all the most popular genres:.

Best Free Sweeps Games

Best Sweeps Table Games

  • Baccarat
  • Bingo
  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Keno
  • Multi-hand blackjack
  • Poker
  • Premium Blackjack
  • Roulette

Best Sweeps Live Casino

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Sic Bo
  • Spin the Wheel
  • Teen Patti

Best Sweeps Poker Games

  • Caribbean Poker
  • Casino Hold’em
  • Jackpot Sit’n’Go
  • Omaha Hi Lo
  • Texas Hold’em

Best Free Sweeps Slots

  • Big Bass Bonanza
  • Diamond Riches
  • Emily’s Treasure
  • For the Realm
  • Gates of Olympus
  • Gemz Grow
  • Golden Dragon
  • Hot Triple Sevens
  • Inner Fire
  • Piggy Bank Bills

What’s the difference between a sweeps casino and a traditional casino?

If you are looking for other points of difference between traditional online casinos and sweeps houses, you might consider the way they provide demo games. At a standard casino, you can often play these to get an authentic feel for what you might expect if you sign up, open an account, and deposit some money. However, at a sweeps casino, you can play all the free games you like and still make use of a system that allows you to win prizes. This is one of the main ways in which sweeps differ from other casinos — it’s what keeps them compliant with US law and what attracts players to this style of play.

In many states, there are restrictions when it comes to opening online casinos, and in previous years that has left many Americans with few opportunities to play their favorite games in a virtual format. Sweeps casinos have changed all that by creating a system that blends the best of traditional gaming with a new approach that is legal across the US. These modern providers have made it easier than ever to play from home on a smartphone, tablet, or PC, and connect with other players through social media at the same time. The emphasis is on building a friendly community of players who want to seek out new friends and link up with people they already have in their contacts to explore a few games.

If you have been a regular player at online casinos and you are used to that experience, you’ll find the sweeps casino spread very familiar. Along with the latest in software and quality web design, most of these houses provide all the games that you would expect to see in any other casino. There are vast libraries of slots, along with a generous selection of table-based titles and live offerings, such as video poker and other streamed games. However, just like at a traditional online casino, you can feel confident in a sweeps house when it comes to managing your private information and the fairness of their machines.

The most significant innovation that new sweeps casinos have to offer is the free-to-play spread. You will never have to part with any of your own money in order to play, and they do not even ask for a stake when you first join. All you need to place a stake are the free coins you’ll be provided with when you first join and receive through various bonuses and giveaways. You can take your time exploring the tables, slots, and scratch cards, without ever having to spend a dime. It’s a new way to play, one that may take some time to get used to, but if you’re trying to balance your budget and don’t want to miss out on playing or winning, sweeps casinos are an excellent option.

What are sweeps coins, gold coins, and free coins?

Even though you don’t have to pay out to place your bets, you can still expect to win real cash prizes, gift cards, and promotional items from a sweepstakes casino.

Therefore, most players will get started at a new sweeps casino with their gold coins. These are ideal when you are playing for fun and plan to spend a few hours entertaining yourself on the slots or with a few table games. There’s no pressure to score the big wins because these are free coins and you’ll be provided with many more by the casino. If you do land a few of the top symbols on the reels or you get lucky in a hand of poker, you will win even more gold coins, and this allows you to keep playing for longer.

​Although gold coins don’t have any cash value, many players appreciate their importance when it comes to extending their time at the tables. Once you are ready to play for cash winnings, all you need to do is toggle between gold coins and sweeps coins. The button is usually located on the sweeps cash casinos homepage. The two-coin system is what singles out sweeps casinos from other types of online social casinos. This has been designed to provide players with free-play games and a way to win tokens they can take to the bank. At the start of each gaming session, you can decide which way you want to play. If you choose the free gold coins, you will only win more gold coins. For actual money prizes, go for the sweeps coins option.

Gold coins cannot be exchanged for cash, but if you run out of them and want to carry on playing, it is possible to buy more. You can use all the usual payment methods to top up your balance and expect additional sweepstake coins to come along with your purchase. This is the casino’s way of giving you the option to play for cash, because unlike gold coins, sweeps coins cannot be bought. Furthermore, sweeps coins cannot be used to buy more gold coins.

You’ll be provided with a steady stream of both types of coin thanks to the sweeps cash casinos’ various promo code giveaways and social media contests. It’s always worth checking the small print of every deal, of course, so you are aware of the play-through requirements, but the reviews included in our list of sweepstakes casinos will always provide you with the details where possible. As they give you the opportunity to win real cash and cannot be bought outright, sweeps coins tend to be considered more valuable by players. These should be used for those times when you want a premium experience and are playing for the win.

How can you claim free sweeps coins?

Sweeps casinos allow players to work their way through the entire game collection without having to pay in any cash. Instead, each casino uses a token system of its own based on gold coins and sweeps coins. If all you are looking for is to play for fun, go for a few games using the gold coins, but if you switch to sweeps coins play, your wins could lead to a monetary prize. You can choose to play either way without impacting your bank balance because the casino provides both forms of coin for free through several different channels.

Gold coins are released as you play games and score wins within those games, and the same is true for sweeps coins. The difference is, if you run out of sweeps coins you cannot buy more. Instead, to top up your sweeps coin balance you’ll have to rely on getting a fresh supply as part of your gold coin purchase or look out for offers from the casino.

Sweeps houses are far more generous towards their verified patrons, so to benefit from every giveaway you could confirm your address, legal name, and phone number by sending them a copy of an official document. You can also sign up to receive their newsletter via email, as these daily updates usually have the details of promotional events and offers for members to join in with. Also, by checking in regularly on social media, you’ll be the first to hear about new games that you can try out to receive freebies, competitions, and posts you can share for a sweeps coin reward.

Sweepstakes casinos have also established loyalty programs which work in much the same way as a membership reward program at traditional casinos. These offer the occasional giveaway of gold and sweeps coins, as well as plenty of other bonuses for regular players. People who enroll may also be able to access any rakeback deals a casino lays on. These schemes give players back a percentage of all the coins they have lost in the previous period — usually a week — and this can be a useful extra if you’ve been very busy on the slots!

Finally, you can actually write to a sweeps casino and request some more coins the old-fashioned way. This involves sending a letter to the casino’s physical office and using a phrase that will be mentioned in their terms and conditions to bag yourself a few more sweeps. Each casino uses a slightly different method for claims made in this way, but in most, you can claim at least once every day, so it’s a simple way of keeping a steady supply of coins trickling into your account.

How can you win real prizes by playing free sweeps games?

keep the redemption process as simple and swift as possible. Furthermore, we will always explore this aspect of a sweeps casino’s service and include our findings in any review we write, so you know in advance what to expect and how soon you might be able to access a cash prize.

It’s also worth reading the terms and conditions the casino has provided when you first sign up, so you are happy with how they do business. Furthermore, before you can claim a cash prize and transfer it into your bank, you’ll need to have built up a balance that will be specified by the sweeps casino you have an account with. It’s important to remember that all the sweeps coins you win, get as part of a gold coin purchase, or are provided with by the casino, have a play-through requirement. You’ll only need to play them through once, so this is a relatively modest requirement, but it does mean you can’t convert coins as soon as you get them.

In many sweeps’ casinos, a batch of 100 coins is worth $1and the redemption threshold tends to be at the $50 mark for gift cards and $100 for cash rewards. To get started, it’s simply a case of logging in and clicking the tab in your account marked ‘Redeem’. From here, you’ll be taken to a menu that asks how much you’d like to redeem, in what form, and which bank account the prize should be transferred to.

At this point, if you have not already provided the casino with proof of your identity, you’ll have to do so before you can go any further. This keeps the house compliant with all the relevant laws within its home state. Usually, a photo ID will suffice, but you might opt for a utility bill or bank statement. Once that’s done, the casino will start to handle the transaction. This could take up to a week, depending on the type of financial account you use and how busy the casino’s redemptions team is.


Do sweeps casinos genuinely offer free slots and table games?

Yes, you can expect to play free games at any sweeps casino, because they use a different system to standard houses. When you join, you’ll be given a stash of gold coins that are designed to be used across the casino’s entire games library. As you might expect, from time to time you will probably run out of gold coins, but that’s not a problem. There are various ways to bag more, or you can just buy some from the casino, although that would never be a necessity. So that they can remain compliant with the US laws around social gaming, sweeps cash casinos will always be obliged to provide their games for free.

Is it possible to sign up for a sweeps casino using a social media account?

Yes, sweeps casinos are very much linked to the world of social media and most use their various accounts to post regularly. From Facebook to Instagram and X, these platforms are ideal places to meet other players, learn about competitions, and take advantage of any free coins that are being given away. Once you’ve followed a casino, you will be able to see the secure link they provide, and you can just tap this to begin the process of registering for an account. You can also choose to link your sweeps casino with your social media account, which usually means you’ll get some kind of bonus from the casino as a thank you.

How can players improve their chances of success at sweepstakes casinos?

Although you won’t need to spend any of your own money, it is still possible to win prizes at a sweeps cash casino. However, as is the case at every other casino, there is no guaranteed way of winning at the tables, but there are techniques you can use to make your supply of coins work harder. As well as reading the instructions and the paytables of each game, so you understand what you are aiming for, you can choose titles that have a higher RTP, as you’ll statistically be more likely to win on those slots. No gaming method is going to provide a reliable stream of gains in the short term, but by considering your bets and choosing the games you play carefully, you could see your sweeps cash casinos coin balance rise in the long term.

What happens if you run out of gold coins?

Although you don’t have to buy gold coins to get started at a sweepstakes casino, you can buy as many extras as you want through your account. Just log in to your membership page and look for the ‘Buy’ button. Every sweeps casino has one because they all let their players top up their coin balance in this way.


Next, look through the offers they have created, we’ll take care to point out the best offers and deals as part of every review in the list of sweepstakes casinos we publish. There will often be plenty of offers of sweeps coins and gold coins of different values, so be sure to get the one that best suits the way you like to play. Once that’s done, it’s simply a case of making your payment in much the same way as you’d make a stake at any other casino. Usually sweeps casinos will immediately credit your account, so you can get back to the tables or the slots right away.

Can you play games at sweepstakes casinos on a phone?

Yes, as it’s a more convenient way to play, lots of players go for casinos that have optimized their games for use on a mobile. If you open an account with these houses, you’ll find that the games and other features work just as well on a tablet or laptop, so you can begin a game at home, and then play it on the morning commute without any major loss of utility. The games render well, and have all the same graphics and audio effects, as well as the mechanics you enjoy. The main difference is that they are presented on a smaller screen. Moreover, there are plenty of new sweeps casinos that have a mobile app, these will be easy to spot because that’s one of the things we will always mention in a review. All you need to do is download the app from Google Play or the App Store, depending on the platform you’re using.