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Jan 15, 2024

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Are you interested in playing the latest and greatest new online slot games that 2024 has to offer? Welcome to our list of exciting January releases. From the Wild West to a pirate boat, this list has five of the best games released in January 2024. Below, we break down what they look like, how they play, and the developers behind them. Take a look at our list and find the right slot for you.

Cygnus 4 by ELK Studios

Released 01/02/24

Cygnus 4 is one of the most visually appealing new casino slot games being released in January. Designed by ELK Studios, it is a continuation of one of the provider’s most popular franchises. First released in 2019, the titular Cygnus took players on an adventure through Egypt. Two additional sequels took players through an observatory and a colosseum of some kind. All three titles are vaguely celestial in theme and feature beautiful graphics and interesting gameplay that is a bit out of the ordinary for new online slot games.

Cygnus 4 art description

The first thing that players will notice when loading the game is the quality of the art behind Cygnus 4. As we mentioned above, the series is known for its intriguing and well-done graphics, and this entry is no exception. Players are immediately welcomed into a starry night-time scene in 18th-century London, complete with fancy architecture and cobblestone streets.

The slot begins in a peaceful harbor overlooking a castle, with a glass-domed observatory and an old-fashioned wooden boat docked to the left of the grid. Softly glowing streetlights line the empty roads, and lit windows in the castle directly ahead match them, lending a bit of visual interest to the scene. And, of course, the celestial sky features the Cygnus constellation, linking together all four games in the series .

Cygnus 4 is an interesting game for a few different reasons. It does not feature a fixed grid, but rather something akin to a ball pit. At the beginning of each spin, four rows of symbols are dropped onto a grid with six reels. The reels are not of the same height, with some of them featuring hills and valleys between them that keep the symbols rolling to the left and right of the grid. On either side of the grid is what appears to be a black marble column edged in gold, with the leftmost column also containing a series of six numbers evenly spaced vertically.

The symbols themselves are also worth a glance. With perfect circular frames, they carry either gilded animals against a solid background or what seems to be a shimmering gemstone set in the middle of a black sphere. When bonus rounds are triggered, the gemmed symbols light up with glowing pink flames and overpower everything else on the board.

Cygnus 4 gameplay description

Players familiar with other games in the Cygnus series will feel right at home with this one. Even if you are new to the line, however, the gameplay is simple to understand. You click the ’spin’ button located at the bottom right of the screen to get things moving and hope to make matching groups of symbols to win. Beyond that, there are a few features to consider:

  • Multipliers
  • Level ups
  • Free drops
  • X-iter

Of the above, free drops and X-iter are the two most important features in the game. The former is Cygnus 4’s free spins and initiates seven free symbol drops. X-iter is a bonus feature that allows players to purchase certain features, some of which are not otherwise available. Features include:

  • Bonus hunt
  • Multiplier pillar
  • Multiplier wilds
  • A bonus round
  • A super bonus round
Cygnus 4 by ELK Gaming new slot 2024

Each of these features has its own positives and negatives. The bonus hunt feature, for example, gives players a single free drop at 3x the bet with twice the chance of triggering additional free drops. The bonus round offers players 100x the bet to trigger free spins. The other features lie somewhere between these two.

About ELK Studios

Founded in 2013, ELK Studios has been steadily pushing the boundaries of the industry for more than a decade. The developer emphasizes mobile-first content and distributes its high-quality titles through hundreds of approved operators located all around the world. While ELK Studios does not have as many titles to explore as some other providers, it focuses primarily on ensuring that each game it releases has worthwhile features and striking visuals for an incredible player experience.

2 Wild 2 Die by Hacksaw Gaming

Released 01/04/24

Take a walk on the wild side with Hacksaw Gaming’s 2 Wild 2 Die! The game offers the quintessential ‘Wild West’ setting, complete with gritty aesthetics and bonus features that are quick on the draw. One of the most dynamic new slot games on our list, 2 Wild 2 Die pairs an old-time favorite setting with exciting new gameplay for the perfect player experience. If you enjoy games that put you in control of some of the most terrifying outlaws of the Old West, you’re in good company here.

2 Wild 2 Die art description

It is difficult to think of a more comprehensively designed game than 2 Wild 2 Die. The developers took quite a bit of inspiration from the Wild West genre, creating something that looks amazing and authentic without giving in to tired stereotypes.

When first loading the game, players are presented with a dusty interior of a bank, according to a sign at the bottom left of the screen. Straight ahead are old-fashioned teller booths complete with a tall table and stool covered in red velvet. To the right of the screen is a big window allowing light to stream into the room, highlighting the dusty environment. More important, however, is the female bandit dual-wielding pistols aimed at the player. Between the teller booth and the bandit lies the grid.

2 Wild 2 Die offers players a 5×4 grid made almost entirely of dark, worn wood. The game is one of the most aesthetically interesting new slot machine games on our list precisely because of this, in fact. Many slot games pair their Wild West themes with bright, cartoony symbols that emphasize their bold setting and rich history. 2 Wild 2 Die, on the other hand, focuses instead on neutral symbols that blend in. The cards are worn, the cowboy hats are dusty, and the guns have been well-loved. Nothing in the game looks new, in other words, but rather perfectly embodies the Wild West vibe.

Unlike some other games where the setting of the slot flips wildly from base game to bonus round, 2 Wild 2 Die makes only a few subtle changes. To the left of the grid lies a title card that lists the bonus round in question followed by a spot where multipliers are listed as they increase. The bandit is now in a saloon, though you would be forgiven for missing this entirely as it blends in quite well with the base game design.

One of the few symbols that defy this dusty, gritty art style is the wild symbol. This one burns red-hot when it lands, almost as though it is a fiery brand that has been pressed into the grid itself.

2 Wild 2 Die gameplay description

The graphics, no matter how impressive, are only part of a game’s value. Its gameplay is the more important element, and 2 Wild 2 Die has much to appreciate here. There are a few bonus features to keep an eye out for:

  • Bonus rounds
  • Revolver symbols
  • Free spins (two kinds)
  • Multipliers
2 Wild 2 Die new slot game from Hacksaw Gaming

The bonus rounds are some of the most entertaining of the game. Players might experience two different kinds of free spins in the process: the Most Wanted! free spins round and the Shootin’ Wild! free spins round. The former is triggered when three scatters land on the reels and features only revolver, reload and blank symbols. The latter is triggered by four scatters and awards players an initial 10 free spins. This number can be increased by landing additional scatter symbols on the board during the bonus round.

Multipliers are another exciting feature that 2 Wild 2 Die offers players. If you are familiar with the concept in other games, then you will likely understand exactly how this feature works.

About Hacksaw Gaming

Hacksaw Gaming is an established name in the online casino industry with more than 120 games on the market. Its titles are available in more than 20 regulated markets from over 300 licensed partners. If you enjoy games with polished art that span the gamut of themes and settings, then Hacksaw Gaming might just be the provider for you.

Sticky Bandits Unchained by Quickspin

Released 01/09/24

If 2 Wild 2 Die is a bit too aggressively ‘Wild West’ for your taste, but you still enjoy a good cowboy-themed title, then Quickspin’s Sticky Bandits Unchained might be the better choice. One of our favorite new casino slot games coming out in January 2024, Sticky Bandits Unchained is the fifth entry into an enduringly popular series from the provider. From bright gameplay to grittier themes, the franchise has seen it all. Sticky Bandits Unchained is somewhere in between light-hearted and dark, offering players balanced gameplay with a theme that ties all of the slots in this series together.

Sticky Bandits Unchained art description

Sticky Bandits Unchained features a simple but polished art style that might not appeal to players more interested in dynamic graphics than they are solid gameplay. The slot begins outdoors on a dusty, overcast day. A buzzard and a barrel of alcohol peek around the left side of the grid, while another barrel and a cowboy hat peek out from the right.

The grid itself is a 5×3 creation that is heavily stylized with dark and worn wood. It appears to be situated in the back of a wagon outside of a saloon, offering the bandits in question easy access to both the drink of their choice and the opportunity to score some loot from unsuspecting travelers. Overall, the base game offers graphics that are expected and appealing, but not overly eye-catching.

Sticky Bandits Unchained’s bonus round is where the art style is turned up to 10. Once the bonus round triggers (we’ll discuss this a bit more in a moment), players find themselves abruptly transported into the saloon. Red light blazes through the windows, while the bandits are engaged in some kind of shootout. The grid reinforces the danger, featuring the symbol of a female cowboy brandishing two guns so big that they overtake some of the symbols around them.

Regarding the symbols, the base game and bonus rounds have subtle differences. The base game contains symbols that are a bit muted, with earthy tones and an understated art style. Once the bonus round triggers, this all changes and the grid takes on a much livelier appearance with the addition of the aforementioned female bandit and big, golden wild symbols in the shape of stars.

Overall, Sticky Bandits Unchained is not the most aesthetically pleasing game, but it is more than interesting enough to hold its own.

Sticky Bandits Unchained gameplay description

The best new online slot games have plenty of features to keep players entertained, and Sticky Bandits Unchained certainly offers more than its fair share. Players can experience a variety of features, including:

  • Free spins
  • Peacemaker Bonus
  • Peacemaker Bonus Fully Loaded
  • Buy feature

Of these, the game’s bonus rounds and free spins round are the standout features. Players can trigger the free spins round by landing at least three wild symbols on the reels at the same time during the base game. This round is fairly straightforward and features sticky wilds and 10 free spins.

Sticky Bandits Unchained new slot game from Quickspin

The Peacemaker bonuses are a bit more complex. The first of these triggers when players land four symbols on the grid. Free spins take a prominent place in this bonus, but with the addition of a (gun) cylinder symbol, which features five chambers. Four chambers feature a 2x multiplier, while the fifth offers a variable 3x to 10x multiplier on final wins.

The Peacemaker Bonus Fully Loaded feature is triggered by landing five wilds. The gameplay is the same as the Peacemaker Bonus described above, but with a six-chambered cylinder instead of five. Three of these chambers offer a 2x multiplier, while the other three offer between a 20x and 500x multiplier.

About Quickspin

Quickspin is a Swedish developer that’s focused on producing solid slots with ‘groundbreaking’ features for the online casino market. It was launched in 2011 and has spent the past decade making a name for itself and securing a loyal fan base around the world.

Astros by Red Tiger

Released 01/16/24

Astros new slot game from Red Tiger

Red Tiger is known for its innovative new slot games, and Astros is a perfect example. You won’t find many games like this on the market. It’s one of our favorites on this list, and we think that anyone interested in a slightly unconventional game will appreciate it. This volcano slot is a fun take on a well-traveled theme. It takes place in Egypt amid pyramids, with endless sand and immortal flames covering much of the slot’s background.

From seven prize bonuses to your standard wilds and wildly escalating multipliers, Astros is a solid new slot title.

Astros art description

At first glance, the art design behind Astros seems quite simple. However, it is a deceptively polished game that actually does quite a lot with just a little bit. When you load Astros, you will find yourself in front of an open burial tomb in what can only be ancient Egypt. The dark void behind the grid looms deep and endless, putting players on notice immediately that the stakes are high. Surrounding the tomb are three pyramids. Two are situated on either side of the volcano (or pyramid) shaped grid, while the other completely encases it. The only other notable artistic choice here, aside from the grid itself, is a host of flames licking around the pyramids in the distance, burning bright behind the board.

One graphical element of Astros that deserves its own mention is the game’s grid. Instead of a standard square board, Astros introduces players to a grid with seven reels on the bottom, followed by six reels, followed by four and three reels, respectively. There are five rows of symbols in total. The symbols are another high point of the game. They are simple but highly effective, much like the rest of the art direction. Each symbol is carved from what appears to be heavy marble in a variety of earthy tones and plain hieroglyph symbols are interspersed between.

During the bonus rounds and win screens, the game changes appearance just a bit. The basics, including the pyramids, are still there, but they are covered by a deep orange-red light that leads to the heavens, which now towers over the scene.

Red Tiger has designed an attractive game in Astros, with plenty of graphical elements to keep players interested.

Astros gameplay description

There are two main categories of play in Astros: the base game and the bonus. The base game plays a bit differently from the majority of other slots on the market. Each row of symbols forms its own level. Initial spins take place on the bottom level. Landing three matching symbols on each level allows players to unlock the next level, and this continues all the way to the top of the grid.

Beyond its unique base gameplay, Astros offers players a variety of bonus features. These include:

  • Wild symbols
  • Level multipliers
  • Seven Prizes Bonus

Wild symbols in Astros play the same as wild symbols in other games. They can substitute all symbols on the board except scatter symbols. Level multipliers apply to each level of the grid except for the first. In order from bottom to top, these multipliers include 2x, 5x, 10x and 50x on levels two, three, four and five, respectively. Wins on each level are multiplied by the level’s given multiplier.

The Seven Prizes Bonus is triggered when one or more bonus symbols land on level three. In this round, multipliers are shuffled into seven positions, with a random prize appearing on all corresponding positions. Each of the seven positions includes potential win modifiers of 1x to 100x. If players land more than one bonus symbol on the third reel, the overall win from the Seven Prizes  Bonus is multiplied by the total number of scatters present when the bonus is triggered. Landing five scatters unlocks a 5,000 prize.

About Red Tiger

Red Tiger was founded in 2014. Today, it is one of the most popular and successful names in the industry, closely allied with NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. The developer is well-known for its dedication to innovative game mechanics and well-designed titles.

Pirates Party by NetEnt

Released 01/25/24

If you’re ready to dive into the deep blue sea and sail for treasure, Pirates Party by NetEnt is a great choice. One of the industry’s new slot machine games, Pirates Party follows a crew of battle-hardened pirates as they emerge victorious from their latest scuffle with plenty of gold to show for their efforts. Players interested in light-hearted, but still detailed, high-quality slots might find this title especially interesting among January’s new slot games.

Pirates Party art description

The first thing you will notice when you sit down to play Pirates Party is the game’s graphics. The art design can make or break a game, and NetEnt is well-known as a provider of consistently fantastic graphics. Pirates Party is no exception. The base game takes place on a wooden pirate ship loaded with treasure chests and assorted jewels. In the background, players can see a rival pirate ship along with beautiful blue waves and majestic green mountains rising behind them. Perhaps the game’s most impressive asset, however, is its grid graphics.

Pirate Party has a 5×3 grid, which means that 15 symbols are on the board at any given time. NetEnt has made the best of this real estate with highly stylized icons filled with personality. The pirates themselves steal the show, with larger-than-life profiles sometimes extending outside of its symbol box. Each of them wears an engaging expression and some form of seafarer’s garb, both of which represent the game’s namesake.

The other symbols on Pirates Party’s grid include a parrot with some serious attitude, a slightly mistrustful monkey, and an adorable chubby rat with a rather impressive earring. Bright colors emphasize the game’s art style and tie everything together. This is true for the game’s bonus round, where the lights dim, and players find themselves at the bottom of the ocean. The aforementioned icons are still present, but with the addition of scuba gear.

Pirates Party gameplay description

Aside from Pirates Party’s art design, there is a lot to love about this game. From solid base gameplay to exciting features and bonuses, players will have plenty to keep them occupied.

Playing Pirates Party’s base game is simple, and anyone familiar with playing slots will already understand out to go about it. First, pick the right wager amount for your needs. Next, sit back and spin. Matching symbols grouped together award players with wins dependent on the number of symbols involved and the initial wager.

Lucky players will be able to take the gameplay beyond the base game. Landing scatters or helm symbols trigger the game’s free spins round and bonus round, respectively.

Free spins

Pirates Party has three different levels of free spins, and players can pick the one they think is most lucrative. The three options include:

  • Multipliers (x5)
  • Random Wilds
  • Colossal Wilds

The multipliers free spins round awards players with 15 free spins and applies a global modifier of 5x on all wins. The random wilds round, on the other hand, awards players 10 free spins with as many as five wilds added to the reels on every spin. Colossal Wilds is the game’s third free spins option, and it consists of a round of five free spins with as many as two 2×2 wilds added to the reels each spin.

Which is the best free spins option? This depends entirely on you. Pick the one that fits your playing style and start spinning.

Helms of Luck bonus round

The Helms of Luck bonus round occurs when the special meter located above the reels fills up. It can contain up to 30 bonus symbols (helm symbols), and when it fills, it automatically directs players to a screen with a variety of different prize wheels. These include:

  • Blue helm
  • Green helm
  • Blue helm

Each of these prize wheels offers a variety of multipliers and some of them also offer free spins. They cost a different number of tokens to play, and players are granted eight tokens when the feature triggers.

About NetEnt

NetEnt has been an important name in the casino gaming industry for more than 20 years. Today, it is known for its consistent quality on new and old game releases alike, and it handled nearly 60 billion gaming transactions in 2019 alone.

What do you think about January’s new online slot games? Keep our reviews in mind as you search for the best slots to occupy some of your time. We can also help you find the right provider!

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