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Feb 14, 2024

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If you are not yet aware of the Book of Dead slot game, you are missing the chance of striking gold in the ancient city of Egypt. Rich Wilde and Book of Dead is one of the most popular slots ever developed.

We will inform you of the latest game releases in the series, with hints and tips on what to look out for as you discover new titles in the Book of Dead family.

Book of Dead has a high variance and 96.21% return to player, and there are huge winning possibilities for this Play’n Go explorer slot. It comes with a 5000x bet max win per spin or free spin. You’d agree that this is a huge plus for potential lucky players.

In this game, many players worldwide have taken trips to the land of the pharaohs via the online slot and returned with a massive Book of Dead jackpot win. Read on to learn more about lucky players.

1.       Nickslots: First on the list is Nickslots. This player sets his bet at 50 auto-spins and $5 per spin. He watches the reels spin till the 5th auto-spin when he hits 4 of the Rich Wilde symbols on a payline and earns a massive 1000x (25,000 coins).

We are talking about getting $5000 for a $5 spin. With a $0.20 coin value, that’s 25000 coins in wins. Nickslot’s balance receives a bump from $470 to $5470.

2.       Slotspinner: Slotspinner gets to her very last spin at $1 per spin when she gets lucky to hit ten free spins on the Book of Dead slot machine. Once she hits the spin button and the reels start to turn, she accumulates a sum of 2024x by the last free spin. In coins, she earns a massive 10,120. Now Slotspinner’s previous balance of $1 up to $10,121.

3.       Wokingjames: This player earns 30 free spins on the Book of Dead slot machine after playing with a $1 stake per spin. Thirty free spins are a massive bonus offer to begin with, but that’s nothing compared to the 2526x accumulated over 30 free spins. In coins, it’s a total of 25,260 coins. That takes his $99.72 previous balance to $2625.72.

4.       DCT Slot Channel: This player stakes €0.50 per spin and automates 46 spins with a balance of €134.39. After three spins, he luckily earns ten free spins and begins a thrilling journey to the land of big wins. The fourth free spin sees Rich Wilde take over the entire screen, delivering a 5000x Book of Dead max win. That’s 250000 in coins and a bump in balance from €134.39 to €2630.37.

5.       AyeZee:  For AyeZee, the game begins as he sets a €5 stake per spin and 51 auto-spins with a balance of €115.08. By the second auto-spin, he gets ten free spins, and the excitement starts. Rich Wilde seems to have a thing for the fourth free spin because he shows up yet again and floods the screen with his symbol. Here’s a welcoming 5000x stake, which is equivalent to 250000 coins and €25000. AyeZee records a balance bump from €115.08 to €25115.08 in only two spins.

Jack Ryder

Casino freeloader


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