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Apr 29, 2024

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Embark on a historical adventure with Play’n GO’s newest slot sensation, “Undefeated Xerxes.” Renowned for their innovative gameplay and state-of-the-art graphics, Play’n GO reaffirms its position in the market with this visually captivanting title that delves into the ancient world of powerful empires and legendary warriors. With a glorious portfolio that includes other player favorites like “Book of Dead” and “Reactoonz,” Play’n GO’s commitment to immersive themes and engaging mechanics shines bright in this slot game as well.

“Undefeated Xerxes” is a breathtaking journey back to a time where the Achaemenid Empire, under the rule of its most illustrious king, Xerxes I, faced the fearless 300 Spartans led by King Leonidas I. Play’n GO captures the essence of this historic confrontation through compelling visuals and an epic soundtrack that whisks players away to the rugged terrains of ancient battles. With a 5×4 grid and 30 paylines, the game is rife with opportunities to win and make history alongside these legendary figures. The reel setup fits seamlessly into a picturesque mountainous backdrop, flanked by formidable warriors poised for battle, thus setting the stage for a legendary quest for glory.

High volatility, a solid RTP of 96.20%, and a wide betting range of $0.1 to $100 make “Undefeated Xerxes” ideal for both casual players and high rollers seeking the thrill of potentially lucrative wins. The max win of 10,000x your bet stands as a golden tribute to the grandeur of Xerxes’ empire, though Play’n GO doesn’t shy away from honesty in its rarity, with the probability pegged at 1 in 100 million spins. With such potential, each spin invites an adrenaline rush, akin to the clashing of swords and shields on the battlefield.

Users will find the interface intuitive and user-friendly, whether on desktop or on mobile devices like phones and tablets. The experience transcends mere gaming, as you become part of a saga where every spin could rewrite history. And through the exploits of the hero warrior, who bears a 25x multiplier in the last Free Spin, players are drawn deeper into the world of Sparta and Persia, immersed not just in a game, but in the annals of time.

Game Information

Title Undefeated Xerxes
Developer Play’n GO
Reels 5
Rows 4
Paylines 30
RTP 96.20%
Release Date 22/02/2024

Undefeated Xerxes Slot Features

In “Undefeated Xerxes,” players are treated to a pantheon of features that elevate the play experience beyond the ordinary. Wild Symbols and Wild Frames work in tandem to transform ordinary spins into extraordinary victories. A unique horde of Wild Symbols, represented by red and green warriors, have the ability to replace other symbols, forging new wins on the paylines. The green warrior amplifies this feature with an arsenal of multipliers, potentially quadrupling the thrill of victory.

The Wild Frames feature punctuates the reels at random, ensnaring symbols within their bounds and converting them into Wilds, crafting a battlefield rich with the spoils of war. The frames, ignited by green fires from below, get imbued with multipliers, heightening the suspense with each spin.

The base game harbors a strategic facet where two Scatter symbols may seal a spot on the first two reels, effectively marching you into the eminent Free Spins round, the heart of the game where you skirmish directly against the indomitable Xerxes and his Immortals. Here, capturing three Scatter Symbols unfurls the banners of war with 10 Free Spins, during which a Wild Frame is emblazoned on a random tile with each passing turn, steadfast until the final clash.

As the Free Spins culminate, an impressive display unfurls as each symbol within a Wild Frame transmutes into Wilds, while upgraded frames belch out random multipliers in a victorious cheer. In a valiant stand, our hero symbol, born in the final Free Spin, carries the weight of a 25x multiplier, creating an exhilarating crescendo to the historical drama enacted on the reels.

Undefeated Xerxes Slot Conclusion

“Undefeated Xerxes” epitomizes Play’n GO’s craft in merging narrative with exciting slot gameplay. The design transports players to an era of titanic clashes and military genius, augmented by features that make each spin resonate with the clangor of ancient warfare. The Wild Symbols and multipliers not only celebrate the heroes of the time but also present tangible opportunities for momentous wins. The adrenaline of high volatility gameplay, coupled with the anticipatory nature of the max win, creates a gripping slot experience.

This game stands out not only for its graphical finesse and historical allure but also because it adeptly balances risk and reward, drawing players into a suspenseful and highly engaging battle with fate. While “Undefeated Xerxes” proudly joins the Play’n GO roster, it also marks its territory as a unique foray into a less-trodden historical slot theme.

Pros and Cons


  • Visually stunning with an immersive historical theme
  • High max win potential of 10,000x the stake
  • Exciting features with Wilds and random multipliers


  • High volatility may not suit all players
  • The max win probability is relatively low
  • Lacks a robust variety of bonus modes


What is the RTP of Undefeated Xerxes?

Touting a solid RTP of 96.20%, Undefeated Xerxes positions itself as an enticing prospect for both play and potential profit.

How does the Wild Frames feature work?

Randomly appearing on the reels, Wild Frames turn encircled symbols into Wilds and can even include multipliers, transforming a good spin into a great victory.

Can you play Undefeated Xerxes on mobile?

Indeed, the game is fully optimized for mobile play, ensuring that you can partake in these historical spins wherever you go.

What are the betting options in Undefeated Xerxes?

With bets ranging from a minimum of $0.1 to a maximum of $100 per spin, Undefeated Xerxes caters to a broad spectrum of players.

How does the game integrate its historical theme?

From the game’s symbols to its features like the epic final Free Spin round, Undefeated Xerxes is saturated with elements that bring history to life.

Is Undefeated Xerxes a high volatility game?

Absolutely, it’s designed for players who relish the anticipation of substantial wins, even though they might occur less frequently.

Are there Free Spins in Undefeated Xerxes?

Yes, players earn Free Spins during gameplay, which features an escalating Wild Frame mechanic for large potential wins.

The review celebrates Play’n GO’s expertise in delivering engaging slots and its latest offering, “Undefeated Xerxes,” is no exception. With features that weave together the grandeur of ancient history and the excitement of modern slot technology, this game promises an epic gaming experience drenched in the legends of old.


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