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May 05, 2024

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Prepare to delve into the ancient Egyptian catacombs with The Cursed King slot by Backseat Gaming. This mid-high volatility game takes players into the grand tombs of a long-forgotten pharaoh, with intriguing gameplay that balances the fascination with ancient curses and the thrill of treasure hunting.

Backseat Gaming, in collaboration with Hacksaw Gaming, continues to prove their capability to mix familiar structures with unique elements in slots. Known for its innovative touch on traditional themes, like the novel approach used in fan-favorites Sleepy Grandpa and Commander of Tridents, this developer ensures each game stands out with its distinctive features.

The Cursed King displays an art style that feels at once mystical and inviting, with eerie tunes and detailed Egyptian carvings in the background, perfect for the setting of an Egyptian pyramid’s tombs. Such an atmospheric visual compliment to the action unfolding on the 5×5 grid, which offers a total of 19 paylines that both seasoned and new players can dive into.

Backseat Gaming’s title isn’t just impressive in the aesthetics department; it boasts a robust pay structure. With an RTP of 96.31%, it sits above the industry’s average, instilling a sense of confidence in its gameplay. The betting range is broad, at 0.1 to 100, and this flexibility allows both high rollers and casual players to enjoy the experience. Moreover, the user interface and experience have been crafted to be intuitive and accessible, ensuring that players of all backgrounds can easily navigate their way through the mysteries this pharaoh’s tomb holds.

The Cursed King isn’t merely a visual masterpiece; the game’s mechanics are shaped to ensure player engagement, creating moments of excitement with its features and potential wins, which can amount to a max win of 12,500x the bet. All these add up to a truly immersive and potentially profitable adventure into the heart of ancient Egyptian mythology.

Game Information

Title The Cursed King
Developer Backseat Gaming
Reels 5
Rows 5
Paylines 19
RTP 96.31%
Release Date 13/02/2024

The Cursed King Slot Features

Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol, represented by a letter W, steps in for all regular symbols, helping players to conjure up winning combos. However, it has no power over special symbols, so don’t expect it to substitute for the almighty Pharaoh or the Scatter.

Cursed King Wild Reels

The Pharaoh symbol is a game-changer. Land it along with a win, and witness it expand into a Cursed King Wild Reel. This reel is not merely for show; it unveils a multiplier that could be anywhere between 2x and a staggering 100x — significantly boosting any winning line it touches.

Free Spins

Precious Free Spins are unlocked upon the arrival of 3 or more Scatter symbols. During these spins, any Cursed King Wild Reels stay put, taking a stroll across the reels, one step per spin. If fate sees fit to bring two Cursed Kings together on one reel, their multipliers combine, creating a formidable potential for big wins.

Feature Buy Options

There are also options to invest a bit more to activate particular game features outright. This can be paramount for those looking to cut straight to the chase. Pay twice your stake for a higher likelihood of triggering Free Spins, 50x for an assured Pharaoh Symbol, or 125x for direct access to the Free Spins, potentially kick-starting your journey to the max win of 12,500X.

Engaging Additional Mechanics

Pharaoh symbols on the reels in both the base and Free Spins game keep gameplay dynamic and versatile, offering multiple paths to wealth in the ancient Egyptian setting. These mechanics not only keep the game exciting but rewarding as well.

The Cursed King Slot Conclusion

The allure of ancient Egypt has been a staple in slot games for years, yet The Cursed King stands tall with its striking graphics and charismatic main character. It’s a testament to Backseat Gaming’s expertise in blending a historical theme with highly engaging gameplay. Though the game keeps its feature list lean, the ones present pack a punch and align nicely with the game’s mid-high volatility. The chance to win big is present not just in the Free Spins but also in the base game, an enticing factor for any player.

In the darkened halls of pharaohs, even the otherworldly mummified king can become an ally on your quest for riches. The grandeur of the tombs, coupled with well-executed mechanics, provide an appealing aesthetic and gameplay balance. And with an RTP modestly exceeding its kin, The Cursed King casts a shadow over lackluster slots, embodying the ambition you’d expect from Backseat Gaming.

Pros and Cons


  • Compelling RTP of 96.31%, higher than the industry average.
  • Potential Max Win of 12,500x that can be scored both in base and Free Spins.
  • Diverse Feature Buy options to tailor the gameplay experience.


  • Limited feature variety for players seeking numerous bonus options.


What is the theme of The Cursed King slot?

The Cursed King slot plunges you into the enigmatic realm of ancient Egypt, where pharaohs reign even from beyond the grave.

How does the Cursed King Wild Reel feature work?

Upon landing a Pharaoh symbol and a win, the symbol expands, covering the reel and revealing a multiplier to boost the win.

Can I play The Cursed King on mobile devices?

Yes, you can. The Cursed King is optimized and ready for a seamless mobile experience.

How can I enter the Free Spins round in The Cursed King?

The Free Spins are activated by landing 3 or more Scatter symbols, allowing you to benefit from additional features.

With a blend of the classic and the novel, The Cursed King by Backseat Gaming carves a niche for itself, demonstrating that within familiar themes, there’s still room for innovation and splendor.


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