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May 08, 2024

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From the bustling neon glow of the virtual casino floor comes an adrenaline-pumping experience crafted by Red Tiger Gaming, a developer once perched at the upper echelons of the gaming pyramid. Redline Rush invites players to buckle up and ignite their engines in a relentless race for glory and reward. While Red Tiger may have faced fierce competition from contemporaries like NetEnt and Big Time Gaming, their recent assimilation into Evolution’s growing empire has been a green flag for advanced graphics, compelling animations, and inventive gameplay mechanics – heralding a much-anticipated resurgence.

The visual appeal of Redline Rush is reminiscent of iconic imagery tied to the Grand Theft Auto series, fueling a sense of nostalgia and thrill as it merges with high-octane racing. Set within the confines of a muscle car cockpit and against the looming cityscape, the slot boasts a clean and classic grid format that consists of 5 reels and 3 rows, offering gamers 20 different pathways to victory. The fusion of straightforward mechanics with cutting-edge symbol design ensures that Redline Rush provides not just a race, but a visually mesmeric journey.

The revving of engines isn’t the only thing that will capture your senses; Redline Rush triumphs with an array of features that bolsters player engagement. With an RTP slightly shy of the 96% industry paragon, sitting at 95.8%, it weaves a web of excitement through its high volatility and hit frequency of nearly 35%, meaning that moments of triumph are frequent enough to keep you glued but tempered enough to make every win a fist-pumping victory. Whether you’re a casual spinner or a high roller, the betting range from 0.1 to 20 offers a lane for everyone. Throw in the game’s smooth user interface and the sensation of playing in any setting, from desktop sanctuaries to the freedom of mobile devices, and you’ll find that Redline Rush takes player experience seriously.

Game Information

Title Redline Rush
Developer Red Tiger Gaming
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 20
RTP 95.80%
Release Date 08/02/2024


The slot’s landscape is diverse, with symbols ranging from low-paying card figures to high-value icons like exhaust systems, gleaming headlights, and enigmatic characters. A quintet of matching high-value symbols can multiply your stake up to a sizeable 125 times. Assisting you on this journey to wealth are Wild symbols which, like a deft pit crew, ensure your ride through the reels is as smooth and lucrative as possible.

The Free Spins lane seems to be where Redline Rush truly races ahead. Here, Scatter Symbols act as your nitrous oxide, powering you into a domain where free spins multiply the excitement. The number of acquired Scatters dictates your propulsion: 3, 4, or 5 Scatters turbo-charge your progression with 3, 6, or 12 free spins respectively. Each win jolts the Speedometer a notch higher and, reaching the pinnacle of Hyper Speed eradicates low-value symbols, leaving the reels supremely primed for hefty payouts with a 5x multiplier fixed in place.

In an ingenious twist, Redline Rush perpetuates the thrills with the Tumble feature. After each victorious spin, the winning symbols dissipate to make room for new ones, enhancing your chances to accelerate your earnings. And as the Speedometer sweeps past certain levels, a non-winning tumble won’t stall your run; it will prompt another tumble at a lower Speedometer speed, stripping lower-value symbols and leaving Wilds and Scatter symbols to conjure up new winning formulas.

The Bonus Buy is the shortcut for those eager to bypass the grind and speed directly into the Free Spins round. At 80 times your stake, it’s an investment that could indeed put you on the fast track to the upper echelons of payout potential – a tantalizing prospect for the ambitious player.

Redline Rush Slot Conclusion

Redline Rush treads a delicate balance between delivering the rush of high-volatility slots and adrenaline spikes in the form of consistent wins. Yet, it doesn’t entirely occupy the high-risk space that many seek, instead wandering into a paradoxical realm where ‘high volatility’ seems more a marketing vogue than a steadfast promise. Despite this, Redline Rush possesses an allure that is undeniably magnetic, and it shines through in gameplay that is nothing short of animated. The top-most payout of a single line, especially under the game’s maximum multiplier, is impressive but not earth-shattering – and perhaps that is the point. Redline Rush is not about the one-off astronomical win; it’s about the steadiness of engagement, and the enduring entertainment it secures.

Pros and Cons


  • Engaging theme set in a cinematic racing world.
  • Intriguing Tumble and Free Spins features that augment the gaming experience.
  • Adaptive for both conservative bettors and high rollers with its flexible bet range.


  • High volatility label may not accurately reflect the actual gaming experience.
  • Max win of 2813.5x, while considerable, may not satisfy those looking for gigantic payouts.


What is the RTP of Redline Rush?

The game sports a default RTP of 95.8%, which is moderately below the industry standard but still offers a fair playing ground.

Can you explain the volatility of Redline Rush?

Redline Rush is heralded as a high-volatility slot, which often implies fewer but larger wins. However, the experience might be more mid-range considering the hit frequency and gameplay style.

Are there any notable features in Redline Rush?

Apart from the usual suspects like Wild and Scatter symbols, the game revs up excitement with its Tumble mechanic, a thrilling Speedometer with multipliers, and a liberating Free Spins mode without low-value symbols.

How does the Free Spins feature work in Redline Rush?

Landing 3 or more Scatter Symbols propels you into the Free Spins round, where you can enjoy spins with an assured 5x multiplier.

Is Redline Rush available on mobile?

Yes, the game is seamlessly optimized for on-the-go play across various mobile devices.

Can I buy my way into the Free Spins feature?

Indeed, the Bonus Buy option allows you to directly access the Free Spins for a price of 80 times the bet.


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