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May 24, 2024

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Prepare yourself to be swept into an icy realm of gods and warriors with the *Ragnaravens WildEnergy* slot, a creation from the skilled hands at Yggdrasil Gaming, a provider renowned for delivering graphically-stunning games and immersive themes. This particular slot takes us on a Norse voyage, evoking the powers of legendary figures such as Thor, Loki, and Odin. Its predecessor, the Ragnawolves WildEnergy, successfully combined high-powered mechanics with mythical motifs, and this sequel promises to elevate the series with even more thrills.

*Ragnaravens WildEnergy* presents a crisp visual design, placing you deep into a winter landscape of the Northern realms, complete with falling snowflakes and poised blue ravens adding to the ambience. Here, the paylines are as numerous as the ancient tales, offering 729 ways to win across 6 reels and 3 rows. The gameplay is bolstered by a feature set aimed at player engagement, from the flexible betting range of 0.1 to 100 to the befittingly high volatility and an encouraging RTP of 96%. This adventure is accessible across an array of devices, ensuring a seamless experience whether you’re on the move or settled at home.

Yggdrasil’s craftsmanship shines as you interact with the interface. The spin and betting commands are intuitively placed, allowing you to focus on the reels and their arsenal of symbols. Lower-paying icons characterized by elemental motifs yield modest wins, yet it’s the higher-value spears, axes, shields, and helmets that truly tempt with increased payouts. These design choices work collectively to plunge players into a gameplay experience that both honors its thematic inspiration and retains a modern slot feel.

Game Information

Title Ragnaravens WildEnergy
Developer Yggdrasil
Reels 6
Rows 3
Paylines 729
RTP 96%
Release Date 23/01/2024


The Norse gods offer riches in many forms, and in *Ragnaravens WildEnergy*, these take shape through inventive features. The Wild Symbol becomes incarnate as a blue raven, while the potent gods, Thor and Loki, appear as Countdown Wilds. Praying for the Scatter Symbol’s grace, you might find yourself spirited into a Free Spins round of epic prophecies.

Multiplier and Countdown Wilds

Steeped in mythical power, the Multiplier Wild is no mere symbol. Landing this on reels 2 or 5 ignites a respin with the Wild sticking to its position, its magic lingering as long as winning combinations are formed, each success increasing the Multiplier’s potency. Imagine the drumming thrill as the wins rack up and the multiplier climbs, turning modest sums into legendary treasures.

Conversely, the Countdown Wild, carrying the visage of Thor or Loki, may land on reels 3 or 4 with a number dictating how many respins it grants. Sticky like its blue-feathered counterpart, it counts down with each spin, imbuing a sense of anticipation, an almost palpable rhythm as you await the fateful zero.

When both kinds of Wilds quarrel together on the reels, invoking a Wild Combo, prepare for the air to crackle with increased multipliers and the potential for even greater wins.

Free Spins

The chance of Free Spins beckons you to the realm of the gods, where you can earn either 7 or 10 spins of fortune. During these ethereal rounds, the Multiplier Wilds and Countdown Wilds join forces more frequently, with the Multiplier meter displayed above the reels, maintaining its value throughout the spins and striving to multiply all wins.

Should patience not be your virtue, the Feature Buy option allows you direct passage to the Free Spins, bypassing fate and luck for a fee of 100 times the bet. It’s a shortcut suited for those eager to confront destiny head-on.

Review Summary

Ragnaravens WildEnergy slots you into the narrative arc of its predecessor, but here, you’re not merely a bystander. With an addition of an extra reel and bidirectional winning combinations, Yggdrasil Gaming propels the gameplay into a realm where anticipation intertwines with satisfaction, and the potential for grandeur is ever-present.

While the echoing chants of the background music might not sit well with everyone, the game’s atmosphere remains otherwise immersive, embracing both the chill of Norse winters and the warmth of winning spins. Yggdrasil nails the delicate balance between base and bonus play, with the latter stages ripe with the possibility of Wild Multipliers that persist in their blessing of bountiful wins. For enthusiasts of well-crafted stories and slots alike, this sequel offers a saga well worth exploring.

Pros and Cons


  • Evocative Norse-themed visuals and lore that bring the game to life.
  • Bidirectional paylines and 729 ways to win create numerous chances for rewards.
  • Feature-rich gameplay with innovative respin mechanics and multiplier wilds.
  • Playable across a wide range of devices, facilitating on-the-go gaming experiences.


  • Background music may detract from the experience for some players.
  • The high volatility might not suit all playing styles, particularly those preferring frequent, smaller wins.


What is the max win potential in Ragnaravens WildEnergy?

The slot teases with a max win of 10,000 times your bet, offering a glimpse of the treasures that the Norse gods might bestow upon you.

How many Free Spins can be triggered in this game?

Embark on a quest for Free Spins and receive 7 or 10 rounds, dictated by the number of Scatter Symbols you’ve collected in your favor.

Can I buy my way into the Free Spins feature?

Indeed, for a price of 100 times your stake, you may bypass the whims of fortune and secure immediate entry into the coveted Free Spins round.

Is this game suitable for mobile play?

Yggdrasil ensures that the saga continues seamlessly across mobile devices. Traverse snowy peaks, even as you traverse the world.

Can I play Ragnaravens WildEnergy for free?

Absolutely! Test the waters and weave your own myth in the demo version before venturing forth with valiant bets.

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