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May 14, 2024

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From the magical studio of SlingShot Studios comes *Rabbit in the Hat 2*, a spellbinding slot sequel that conjures the mysterious allure of a magician’s performance onstage. Known for their imaginative themes and immersive gameplay, SlingShot Studios has positioned themselves quite prominently in the casino gaming market. This release takes a step further by not just reviving the original charm of the classic *Rabbit in the Hat* but infusing it with cutting-edge graphics and enhanced features that are sure to captivate both new and returning players.

Setting the stage with a dazzling array of animations and vibrant colors, the game introduces us to the whimsical world of illusions centered on the lively characters of a magician and his glamorous assistant. The visual style is a delightful mix of classic magic show aesthetics combined with modern, crisp symbols that animate with each spin.

*Rabbit in the Hat 2* is structured on a familiar 5 reels and 3 rows grid but stands out with its 20 paylines and magical bonuses. The game promises a high-stakes performance with a high volatility rating, a respectable average RTP of 96.08%, and a spell-binding max win of up to 5,000 times the bet. This high volatility is paired with betting options ranging from the minimum bet of 0.2 to the maximum bet of 40, accommodating both conservative players and high rollers alike.

The user experience is further elevated by an intuitive interface that allows for seamless navigation whether on desktop or mobile devices. *Rabbit in the Hat 2* is not just a visual treat but a showcase of Slingshot Studios’ commitment to gameplay that is both engaging and accessible. With features like the Hat Feature and Free Spins, the base game is transformed into a thrilling quest for magical hats and lucrative rewards.

Game Information

Title Rabbit in the Hat 2
Developer SlingShot Studios
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 20
RTP 96.08%
Release Date 31/01/2024

Rabbit in the Hat 2 Slot Features

Exciting Hat Feature

At the heart of *Rabbit in the Hat 2* experience is the Hat Feature, a unique attraction where various types of magical hats can bestow rewards. These hats appear above reel 5 and move one step to the left with each spin, promising a second chance to clinch a prize if a Wild Symbol appears beneath them. The hats themselves are diversified to keep the performance exhilarating:

  • An *Extra Scatter Hat* gifts a Scatter Symbol which waits patiently until additional Scatters tumble down to trigger Free Spins.
  • A *Wild Multiplier Hat* that multiplies wins with Wilds 2X, 3X, or 5X.
  • The generously awarded *Wild Reel Hat* that transforms an entire reel into Wilds.
  • A wandering *Walking Wild Reel Hat* that hops one position left each spin.
  • Lastly, the *Collection Prize Hat* that gathers Mini or Minor letters in the base game (and additional Major or Grand in Free Spins) with prizes reaching a dramatic climax when you spell out the entire word.

The interactive game offers the Prize Letter Collection, where assembling all the Mini, Minor, Major, or Grand letters leads to wins commensurate with their stature, culminating in a theatrical 2,500x jackpot for the Grand. In random spins, these rewards can be surprisingly triggered, adding to the suspense and allure of the magic show theme.

Enchanting Free Spins and Upsizer Feature

Amplifying the player’s thrill, each Free Spin starts with a hat above all reels, and a new one is summoned above reel 5 on each turn. Preceding the Free Spins, there’s a chance to spin a Feature Wheel, which could grant one of four features that could essentially be the ‘rabbit out of the hat’ to extravagant wins.

Additionally, players can buy additional spins at the end of Free Spins for a certain cost. This Recharge Feature can be availed until rejected, presenting players a novel way to extend their winning magic. The Upsizer Feature further allows players to purchase a more precious Free Spins feature before it initiates.

For those eager to witness the magic without delay, the Feature Buy grants immediate access to the Free Spins Feature Wheel and its associated features for a price 50 times the bet.

Review Summary

SlingShot Studios’ *Rabbit in the Hat 2* is more than just another slot. It’s a high-octane magic show filled with wonder, suspense, and never-ending chances at capturing significant gains. The creative mechanic of the Hat Feature, coupled with the fairness of an average RTP, syncs up nicely for a gameplay experience that’s as thrilling as it is unpredictable. The whimsical theme, coupled with the slots’ high-end graphics and animations, offers a visually impressive backdrop to the game’s distinct bonus features.

The game echoes a truly magical spectacle with its varied Free Spins, Prize Letter Collection with lucrative payouts, and customizable features that add dimensions of player agency in shaping their slot adventure. Despite the ten-year gap from its predecessor, *Rabbit in the Hat 2* uplifts the original’s charm while formulating an all-new exhilarating stage for players to test their luck.

Pros and Cons


  • Innovative Hat Feature with multiple types of rewards.
  • Grand prize worth 2,500x the bet.
  • Adjustable Upsizer Feature for Free Spins.
  • Broad betting range suitable for various players.


  • The graphics update could have been more pronounced given the time since the original game’s release.
  • No progressive jackpot feature.


What is the Return to Player (RTP) of this slot game?

The RTP for Rabbit in the Hat 2 is set at 96.08%, aligning with industry averages and providing a fair chance for enticing rewards.

How volatile is this slot game?

With its high volatility, Rabbit in the Hat 2 promises bigger but less frequent wins, perfect for players looking for high-stakes play.

What unique features does Rabbit in the Hat 2 offer?

Among various innovative features, the Hat Feature stands out, offering a range of dynamic bonuses like Wild Reels and opportunities to collect prizes leading to potentially massive payoffs.

Can I play this game on a mobile device?

Absolutely! Rabbit in the Hat 2 is compatible with mobile phones, ensuring magical gameplay on the go.

Is there a feature buy option in this slot game?

Yes, players eager for instant magic can use the Feature Buy option to leap straight into Free Spins at 50X the current bet.


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