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Apr 19, 2024

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Embarking on a thematic journey that meshes literary lore with the heat of winning streaks, “Play with the Devil” by Red Tiger Gaming is not just your ordinary slot escapade. Red Tiger Gaming, an esteemed purveyor in the online casino domain, masterfully stitches together the ominous allure of the netherworld with the adrenaline-pumped dynamics of a feature-rich slot game. Their proven expertise injects innovation into the market through graphically rich and engaging titles distinct in character and mechanics.

This game’s infernal aesthetic pulls the player into a realm of high-stake wagers against the backdrop of a double-edged folklore. While it’s not the first time we’ve seen Red Tiger dip into diabolic themes—acknowledging previous titles like “Devil’s Pot”—the provider’s commitment to a visually captivating experience is evident here. “Play with the Devil” entraps the players into a suspense-filled dance across 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines. Each spin is a calculated risk in this high-volatility environment, as players anticipate the whims of the sly devil to turn the tide in their favor.

The game’s allure extends beyond its visual accomplishments, efficiently wrapped in an RTP of 95.71%, beckoning those fond of hellscape adventures. Although the RTP might pose a challenge, players can mediate this with the varying betting options, capped between 0.1 and 20, catering both to those cautious souls and the undaunted high rollers alike. The user interface keeps a clean design, allowing players to focus on the devil’s tricks without getting lost in the game’s gripping depths.

Game Information

Title Play With the Devil
Developer Red Tiger Gaming
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 20
RTP 95.71%
Release Date 12/03/2024

Play With the Devil Slot Features

Play With the Devil’s set of features is intriguingly devilish. Starting with the Wild Symbol, the titular devil incarnate manifests himself as both a Wild and Scatter, bringing forth potential for chaos and creativity in gameplay. The chubby devil wielding a fireball fits snugly in the central reel. Once summoned, it hungrily collects all Coin and Bonus Prize Symbols in view, transferring the richness of hell directly to your tally with a max win potential of 2523 times the bet.

Now, if the Wild Symbol fails to emerge in its ordained spot, the grid may grant a random re-spin, bestowing another chance at fortune’s favor. The coins in question shimmer with values ranging from 0.5X to 2X, while the Bonus Prize Symbols allure with their escalating tiers: Mini, Minor, Major to the coveted Mega, rewarding brave players with returns from 5X all the way up to a staggering 1000X the bet.

Exhilarating indeed, but it’s within the Free Spins feature that the devil truly reveals his generous streak. Triggered randomly by the fiend’s fireball bounding on the treasure chests, a successful hit bequeaths 6 to 12 Free Spins. Housed within the feature, the Wild Devil is anchored in a perpetual state of readiness — solidified in his central position. Each Coin and Bonus Prize Symbol that dares land during these bonus rounds is inevitably drawn to his fiery embrace.

For those yearning for swifter confrontation with the devil’s bounty, the game gleefully offers the Feature Buy option. At the cost of 6X or 66X the bet, players can procure a fleeting or extended revel with the devil, ensuring his presence and the collection of riches over the next 2 spins or the lure of the Free Spins feature outright.

Demon Pots may ring as a parallel to this underworld campaign, yet distinct differences carve out unique strengths for both. Where Demon Pots sweeps with a higher max win and an avalanche of features, “Play With the Devil” seeks a more targeted approach—a gamble within the devil’s lair, meticulously teasing out the cumulative gains through a singular, mighty feature.

Red Tiger Gaming forgoes the typical ‘Collect’ moniker, opting instead for a narrative cohesion that elevates the game’s theme. The Coin Symbol’s modest maximum of 2X stands contrasted by the frequent appearances of the Mini and Minor Bonus Prize Symbols. It’s a push-and-pull that keeps the reels enshrined in a tantalizing limbo — both unremitting and opportune.

Play With the Devil Slot Conclusion

Emerging from a fiery pit into a landscape of golden coins, “Play With the Devil” is a taut narrative of risk and reward. Red Tiger Gaming navigates between the lines of myth and mirth with expert precision, crafting the devil not merely as a symbol but as the architect of fortunes in this digital inferno. However, the devilish rewards, while opulent, are perhaps short of titanic triumphs. Its vibrant hellish backdrop, embodied by sweeping symphonies and rich illustrations, serves as both a playground and proving ground with the numerals to tantalize.

Yet, it’s the devil himself, chubby and keen, who steals every scene, turning every spin into a spectacle — his very presence a potential harvest of hellscape treasures. There’s a finesse in its execution, perhaps hinged on a simplicity that pervades beyond its complex facade. It’s an experience harnessed to lure those keen on a quick brush with the underworld’s affluent lord.

The pros and cons are quite subjective—where some may relish the game’s seductive visual and aural composition, others might find the gameplay underwhelming without our devil protagonist’s whims. As such, the unassuming Base Game nestles into routineness without our corpulent crimson character. Nonetheless, “Play With the Devil” gambles on a focused feature strategy, where every aspect—whether it’s the locked Wild during Free Spins or the Feature Buy option—pays homage to the thematic potency that Red Tiger Gaming is celebrated for.

Pros and Cons


  • Attractive devil theme with engaging Wild Symbol mechanics.
  • Decent RTP and high volatility for substantial win potentials.
  • Versatile betting options to cater to a wide range of players.


  • Single feature might not appeal to those desiring complex gameplay.
  • Max win of 2523x the bet could deter players seeking higher payouts.
  • Base Game experience could feel uninspired without frequent Wild appearances.


What is the maximum win in Play With the Devil?

The maximum win in “Play With the Devil” is a fiery 2523x your stake.

Are there any special features in Play With the Devil?

Yes, this hot slot comes with a Wild Symbol feature, Free Spins, and a Feature Buy option to directly engage with these devilish delights.

Can you buy into the bonus rounds in Play With the Devil?

Absolutely, the Feature Buy option gives you a shortcut to the game’s alluring features for a price.

How does the Wild Symbol work in this game?

This mischievous devil acts as both Wild and Scatter, collecting coins and bonuses, and potentially triggering Free Spins.

Can I play Play With the Devil on mobile?

Indeed! This game is designed for a seamless experience across all mobile devices.

What’s the hit frequency of Play With the Devil?

The game boasts a hit frequency of 31.85%, promising a fair share of winning chances amidst the fiery reels.


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