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May 26, 2024

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As a denizen of the deep, the piranha might just be the most misunderstood character in the aquatic lineup. And perhaps, no one understands this contrast between perception and reality quite like Play’n GO, a leading light in the world of casino slot game development. Their mastery over slots stretches far and wide, with creations that have resonated with players globally, thanks to a deft mix of engaging themes and advanced features. Their latest offering, Piranha Pays, follows this tradition by laying down an extraordinary narrative set in an everyday living room, albeit one that houses something quite unexpected.

Piranha Pays stands out with its unique premise, luring players into the cozy confines of an elderly man’s home, where a newly acquired piranha—a creature synonymous with sheer aggression—lurks within an aquarium. The game effectively juxtaposes the tranquility of a domestic scene against the lurking intensity of the piranha, providing a visual style that’s both charming and suspenseful. Play’n GO has been at the forefront of crafting such vivid themes, much like they have with renowned titles such as Reactoonz, a gameplay universe that they’ve expanded due to its huge popularity.

Integrated into this 5-reel slot, with dynamic rows extending from 4 to 8, are 30 paylines that swell with possibilities, particularly for those who dare to brave the piranha’s bite. Players can wade through these waters with a betting range designed for all, from the cautious to the courageous, starting at a min.bet of 0.1 and capping at a max.bet of 50. High volatility propels the gameplay, much like the swift currents of the Amazon, and with an RTP fixed above-average at 96.20%, the promise of potential big wins is as tempting as it is treacherous. Providing navigational ease, the interface in Piranha Pays is as intuitive as it is inviting; all controls are neatly arranged, ensuring that the player’s experience remains fluid and focused.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the slotscape of Piranha Pays.

Game Information

Title Piranha Pays
Developer Play’n GO
Reels 5
Rows 4 – 8
Paylines 30
RTP 96.20%
Release Date 21/03/2024

Piranha Pays Slot Features

For starters, the piranha’s reputation is reflected in its dual role within the game: as a Wild and Scatter Symbol, it’s the key to unlocking the treasures submerged within Piranha Pays. When it surfaces on the reels as two Scatter Symbols, it triggers Free Spins, injecting the gameplay with a dose of adrenaline. Accompanying multipliers and giant symbols can then surge forward, bolstering payouts in grandiose fashion.

Underscoring this are the game’s diverse features poised to captivate with every spin. The array includes Wild Symbols, Win Multipliers, Mystery Instant Wins, and, of course, the much-coveted Free Spins.

The Wild Scatter Symbol, designed as the green piranha, only emerges on reel 1 during the base game, replacing all other symbols to aid in forming winning combinations. When combined with two Scatter Symbols, the momentous Free Spins Trail is completed, and players are plunged into the Free Spins feature with gusto.

Multiplying wins across the reels is a feature that can randomly surface during any spin, both in the base game and Free Spins, heightening the existing excitement. The multipliers range up to an impressive 10X, showcasing the game’s potential for significant rewards.

In instances where Scatter Symbols appear on reels 1 and 3 without fully activating the Free Spins, there’s still a chance to procure a Mystery Instant Win. These moments can grace players with an unforeseen windfall up to 20X their bet.

The Free Spins themselves are a dynamic journey through underwater layers. Starting off, players receive 5 Free Spins which can extend into further depths as they collect more Scatter Symbols and unlock successive Free Spins levels. Each level ups the ante by expanding the Piranha Wild Symbol and increasing the grid setup, thereby also increasing the number of paylines—a mechanic that seamlessly blends narrative with feature progression.

The Free Spins levels offer a tantalizing escalation:
– Level 1 unfurls a 1X1 Piranha Wild with a 5X5 grid and 35 paylines.
– Level 2 grows the Piranha Wild to 2X2 and the grid to 5X6, boasting 40 paylines.
– Level 3 nourishes the Piranha Wild to 3X3 while widening the grid to 5X7 and 45 paylines.
– Level 4 culminates with a Piranha Wild that spans 4X4 on a sizable 5X8 grid, hosting 50 paylines.

Align the 4th level, and players could reel in a win to the tune of 5000X their bet—truly a monstrous catch!

Review Summary

Piranha Pays embodies Play’n GO’s ability to intersect engaging storylines with thrilling gameplay, presenting a charming yet ironic narrative that flips the script on a famed aquatic terror. The innovative features enjoined with this theme serve as a bastion for player engagement, standing as a testament to the game’s craftsmanship. It’s not just the backstory that captivates; it’s the fusion of humor and mechanics that elevate the enticing prospect of commanding wins.

The slot’s high volatility pairs with an enticing RTP to appeal to those adventurers seeking more than mere underwater exploration. They’re on the hunt for that legendary big win, and with a top payout of 10,000X the stake, the coveted prize lies in wait.

The provider’s prowess is well-exemplified, not just in the gameplay mechanics, but in the visual delicacy of the game’s interface. From the animated reels set against a laid-back living room backdrop to the vivid clarity across devices—be it mobile or desktop—Piranha Pays represents the apex of user-centric design.

Pros and Cons


  • Engaging theme with a unique story and visual style
  • Innovative features, including expanding symbols and increasing paylines
  • Above-average RTP and a max win potential of 10,000X the bet
  • Accessible to a wide range of players with a min.bet of 0.1


  • High volatility may not suit all players, particularly those with lower risk tolerance


What is the max win in the slot Piranha Pays?

The maximum prize you can snatch from the jaws of Piranha Pays is an impressive 10,000X your stake.

Can I play Piranha Pays on my phone?

You sure can! It’s been tailored for seamless play on all mobile devices, as well as desktops and notepads.

What features can I expect in Piranha Pays?

Expect an ocean of features, including Wild Symbols, Win Multipliers, Mystery Instant Win, and exhilarating Free Spins.

How often can I hit the game’s max win?

The giant win lurks with a frequency of about 1 in every 50,629 spins—a challenging but rewarding quest!

Following Play’n GO’s legacy game design, which dives into the narrative depths and surfaces with feature-rich gameplay, Piranha Pays is undoubtedly an adventure that entices with each spin. Its inviting gameplay and hidden depths are perfect for those willing to tackle the high volatility in search of a significant catch.


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