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Apr 16, 2024

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RAW iGaming, while not the oldest titan in the industry, has certainly stamped its mark on the world of casino slot games with a handful of titles that tend to break away from tradition. Their latest release, Mighty Eagle Extreme, is no exception. As we take our virtual steps into the canyons where this majestic bird of prey reigns supreme, we find a game that beckons with high volatility and the promise of soaring wins. With this game, RAW iGaming continues to explore the potential of their SuperSymbols mechanic, which has previously enamored players with its promise of colossal wins.

Visually, Mighty Eagle Extreme doesn’t boast the thematic intricacy found in other RAW titles, like the visually dynamic Twisted Toy Tales, but it nonetheless presents a satisfactory aesthetic with sharp graphics and appealing color schemes. It emerges as a piece of the puzzle in RAW iGaming’s expanding catalog, highlighting their continued emphasis on enhancing player experience through vivid settings and engaging mechanics.

In terms of structure, the game delivers a 5-reel grid with variable rows that can expand from one to five, unlocking a staggering 3125 paylines. This robust and fluid structure is sure to attract both newcomers and seasoned players alike with its intricate gameplay mechanics and impressive payout potential. The bet range is also quite accommodating, allowing players to wager anything from the cautious 0.10 credits to the lofty 200 credits, making the game accessible to a broad spectrum of players.

As with many high-volatility games, the RTP is a decisive factor that players should consider, and Mighty Eagle Extreme has an RTP of 95.57%. However, potential versions of the game could offer lower RTP settings. The user interface is intuitive, seemingly designed to provide a seamless experience whether the player is on a desktop or a mobile device, ensuring that the grandeur of the mighty canyon is never lost, no matter the screen size.

Without further ado, let’s take a dive into a more comprehensive look at the specifics, such as the significant symbols, betting options, and standout features that define Mighty Eagle Extreme and make it a potentially exciting addition to the casino slot game sphere.

Game Information

Title Mighty Eagle Extreme
Developer Raw iGaming
Reels 5
Rows 1 – 5
Paylines 3125
RTP 95.57%
Release Date 25/01/2024


Mighty Eagle Extreme draws players in with a cascade of features that aim to amplify the excitement of each spin. The symbols come in two tiers: lower-paying icons represented by Q, K, A, and wolves, with rewards ranging from 0.05x to 0.2x the bet; conversely, higher-paying icons with bears, bison, and eagles can yield anywhere from 0.3x to 0.75x the bet. The denominations are modest, but it’s important to remember that Mighty Eagle Extreme thrives on the assembly of large SuperSymbols, and these payouts are for successfully formed SuperSymbols.

The unique selling point of the game is, without a doubt, the SuperSymbols feature. These symbols manifest as 2×2 clusters or larger, with each additional symbol of the same type adjacent to the SuperSymbol causing it to expand. This can be awe-inspiring when the grid cascades and aligns perfectly, creating a visual feast that is matched by the possibility of substantial wins, especially when multipliers are taken into account.

Free Spins are triggered by landing a 2×2 cluster of Scatter symbols, with the number of spins being double the total number of Scatters in the cluster. During Free Spins, the grid expands to 6 reels and 5 rows – and it doesn’t stop there. Multipliers and further expansions can increase the payways to a mind-blowing 64,000,000, offering unheard-of winning potential.

The Mystery Symbol can enhance payouts by revealing a random symbol underneath. It can appear in quantities up to six and can reveal a matching symbol, adding to the surprise and delight of the gameplay.

Adding to the majestic nature of the game is the Mighty Eagle Respins, where the titular creature can dramatically swoop across the screen to randomly award re-spins with multipliers, cranking up to an impressive 6x.

For those eager to leap into the action, there’s even a shortcut – the Bonus Rush feature allows players to buy into the Free Spins round for 120x the bet. This option ensures that even the most impatient among us can get a taste of the extremes Mighty Eagle has to offer.

Review Summary

Despite residing in the shadow of some of RAW’s more theatrically vibrant slots, Mighty Eagle Extreme undoubtedly has its strong points. The proliferation of SuperSymbols creates a satisfying gameplay element that often results in massive symbols sprawling across the gridscape. Nevertheless, the SuperSymbols sometimes delay the gratification they promise, requiring multipliers to truly deliver their potential payouts, which can dampen the initial excitement.

However, once the Free Spins feature kicks in, the game reveals its full explosive capabilities. The transformation from the base grid to a colossal battleground of SuperSymbols and multipliers is a sight to behold and is where this slot shines the brightest. With bets ranging from 0.10 to 200, players of differing budgets can engage with the game’s high volatility and ambitious maximum win potential of 10000x the stake.

Pros and Cons


  • Significant max win potential of 10000x the stake
  • Engaging SuperSymbols feature that adds depth to gameplay
  • Adaptable betting range suitable for all player levels
  • Playable on both mobile and desktop platforms


  • High volatility might not suit all players
  • RTP can vary depending on the game version
  • High expectations of SuperSymbols sometimes lead to disappointment without multipliers


What is the max win in Mighty Eagle Extreme?

Players have the opportunity to snag up to 10000x their bet, a prize as mighty as the eagle itself.

What unique features can I find in Mighty Eagle Extreme?

The game boasts a range of features including Scatter Symbols, Mystery Symbols, SuperSymbols, Mighty Eagle Respins, Free Spins, and the Bonus Rush purchase option.

How many reels and paylines does Mighty Eagle Extreme have?

This flight of fancy has a dynamic 5-reel setup with up to 3125 paylines, which can drastically increase during Free Spins.

What kind of volatility and RTP does Mighty Eagle Extreme offer?

The game comes with high volatility and a default RTP of 95.57%, though versions may vary.

Can I play Mighty Eagle Extreme on mobile?

Yes, the game scales beautifully across all devices, letting players enjoy the canyon’s thrills whenever and wherever they wish.

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