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May 17, 2024

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As we turn the pages of history to a time of legends and mystique, we come upon the fabled tale of Merlin, a wizard of Arthurian fame. Bullshark Games, a name that is carving out a space in the competitive landscape of online slots with the support of Hacksaw Gaming, channels the enigmatic power of this legendary magician in “Merlin’s Alchemy”. This newly hatched title graces the online slots with echoes of grandeur, leaning heavily on the Scatter pays mechanic to deliver a distinct gameplay experience. Visually, it’s an immersion into the shadowy chambers where spells are whispered and fortunes are transformed, as gleaming symbols hover over a 6-reel, 5-row grid.

Playing “Merlin’s Alchemy” isn’t just about venturing through a realm of dark arts; it’s about engaging with a high-volatility roller coaster that boasts an admirable RTP of 96.25%. Betting options stretch from a humble 0.1 to a hearty 100, welcoming both the cautious and the bold. On screen, the user interface maintains the theme’s consistency, offering navigable buttons and a clear display that is as much a part of Merlin’s mysterious world on all devices, from mobile to desktop and notepads.

The thrill of the game lies not only in its aesthetic but primarily in its features. Here we are introduced to a dynamic array of Wilds, potent Mystery Symbols, and the tantalizing opportunity of Free Spins, all accentuated by a Global Multiplier, ever-present above the reels. Players are enticed to watch as their wins are potentially amplified, turning modest stakes into treasure befitting a sorcerer of Merlin’s caliber.

Game Information

Title Merlin’s Alchemy
Developer Bullshark Games
Reels 6
Rows 5
Paylines 8
RTP 96.25%
Release Date 30/01/2024

Merlin’s Alchemy Slot Features

Wild, Wilder, Wildest

The adventure within “Merlin’s Alchemy” is woven with Wild Symbols, each with their unique abilities. The blue Wild offers direct payouts that escalate with the number of wilds on the reels, up to a magical 150X for fifteen of a kind. But the enchantments don’t end there. The red Activator Wild Symbol, bearing the power of the Global Multiplier, can conjoin its magic with others of its kind for added wins. The Free Spins feature introduces the purple Sticky Activator Wild Symbol, locking into place and similarly leveraging the multiplier for the duration of the feature.

A Multiplier Most Global

The heartbeat of “Merlin’s Alchemy” is the Global Multiplier – a dynamic force that applies to all wins participated in by the red and purple Wild Symbols. With every potion symbol landed, the multiplier either adds or multiplies its value, creating a cauldron of potential that brews until the perfect concoction of symbols appears.

Free Spins and Mysteries Unveiled

Upon landing three or more Scatter Symbols designed like treasure chests, players are awarded Free Spins ranging from 8 to 12, based on the quantity of scatters. As the reels turn, the Mystery Symbols become even more prevalent, increasing the likelihood of significant wins and the appearance of the sticky Activator Wild Symbol.

Cascades of Wins

“Merlin’s Alchemy” is defined by its Cascade feature, activated with each win. Winning symbols vanish to be replaced by new ones, with the potential for consecutive wins, amounting to an almost perpetual motion of victory.

The Feature Buy Option

Those who prefer not to wait for the luck of the spin to bring them Free Spins can resort to the Feature Buy option. At varying costs and associated with different RTPs, this option affords immediate access to Free Spins, each bringing its unique advantage – from the Bonus Hunt with more likely trigger of Free Spins to the Spellbook Free Spins that start with a Global Multiplier value of 10X.

Review Summary

“Merlin’s Alchemy” forms a crucible in which the developer’s prowess is clear. The player experience is paramount, as evidenced by the intricately designed UI that complements the immersive theme. Side by side with its high volatility, the game provides an interesting, albeit challenging, path to land the max win of 10,000 times the bet. “Merlin’s Alchemy” is a testament to the potential buried within Bullshark Games, a provider whose partnership with Hacksaw Gaming may well see it rise to compete with the titans of the slot game world. With an ensemble of unique symbols to spin and win, the ambition found within the depths of Merlin’s study is infectious and keeps players at the very edge of their seats.

Pros and Cons


  • Exemplary RTP of 96.25%, placing “Merlin’s Alchemy” above many competitors.
  • The variety of Wild Symbols enrich the gameplay remarkably.
  • The Feature Buy provides instant access to lucrative Free Spins.


  • With high volatility, wins may be significant but less frequent, potentially testing patience.
  • The complexity of features might be daunting for new players.


What is the maximum win possible in Merlin’s Alchemy?

The maximum win is an impressive 10,000 times the bet.

Which devices support Merlin’s Alchemy?

Merlin’s Alchemy can be enjoyed across all devices, offering the same magical experience on mobiles, desktops, and notepads.

Can you tell me more about the special features in Merlin’s Alchemy?

Yes, the game features an enthralling collection of features, including the Cascade feature, a variety of Wild Symbols, Mystery Symbols, Free Spins, and a Feature Buy option.

What is the significance of the Global Multiplier?

The Global Multiplier is key to maximizing wins in this game. It has a cumulative nature that can dramatically multiply winnings.

Are there any options to buy into the Free Spins directly?

Indeed, there are feature buy options for players who prefer to skip straight to the Free Spins round.


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