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May 15, 2024

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Lucksome, a relatively new yet dynamic game provider, is beginning to make waves in the online casino market with its enticing slot offerings. Known for its innovative gameplay elements and aesthetically pleasing designs, Lucksome has certainly crafted a niche for itself within the competitive space of slot development. In its latest slot titled “Mega Party Bucks,” players are transported into a world of fun and revelry, where vibrant visuals and celebratory themes are the orders of the day.

“Mega Party Bucks” slots players into a festive atmosphere set against a backdrop of a light pink party room, adorned with cheerful decorations and waiting presents. This visual theme effortlessly captivates and immerses players, inviting them to partake in the joyous atmosphere the game exudes. The interface, characterized by transparent reels flanked by pink bars and twinkling stars, coupled with a soothing soundtrack, promotes a relaxed yet engaging gaming experience.

Lucksome’s commitment to innovation in the iGaming industry is evident through the inclusion of the Walking Wild Symbol, which can abound with rewards for the player. Similar to their other successful titles, such as “FatStacks Miami Cash” and “Napoleon 2 FatStacks,” which introduced the FatStacks mechanic to increase ways to win, “Mega Party Bucks” adds its own twist with the present-shaped Walking Wild. This feature not only assists in forming winning combinations but also introduces an interactive element, as presents making it to the bottom of the reel receive an upgrade before awarding their value.

The game stands out with its non-traditional structure, featuring a 6×6 grid where winnings are not determined by paylines but by clusters of five or more connected symbols, either horizontally or vertically. Such mechanics demand a strategic approach from players, as diagonal connections do not count towards wins. With a beginning at 0.1 and a capping at 50, “Mega Party Bucks” offers a range of betting options to cater to different bankroll sizes. The game’s medium volatility ensures an experience that strikes a balance between frequent payouts and the potential for significant rewards, with its RTP of 96.11% sitting comfortably at the industry’s standard.

Moreover, “Mega Party Bucks” is accessible across a variety of platforms, stretching from mobile phones to desktop computers, enabling players to enjoy the festive slot action wherever they go. The user interface is designed to be intuitive and accommodating for all levels of slot enthusiasts, from novices to seasoned veterans, which in turn enhances the overall player experience.

The expertise of Lucksome shines through its focus on delivering unique and exciting slots that engage players in more ways than one. With its affable visual presentation, engaging game mechanics, and the promise of substantial wins, “Mega Party Bucks” is a party that slot lovers wouldn’t want to miss.

Game Information

Title Mega Party Bucks
Developer Lucksome
Reels 6
Rows 6
Paylines Cluster Pays
RTP 96.11%
Release Date 31/01/2024


Inside the festive halls of “Mega Party Bucks,” the game reveals its full potential through an assortment of engaging features. The slot comes equipped with Consecutive Wins, Wild Symbols, Walking Wilds shaped as presents, a Mystery Symbol, Free Spins, and a Feature Buy option.

With every win, “Mega Party Bucks” creates an exciting cascade as winning symbols vanish and new ones descend from above, continuing until no more wins are achieved. A shimmering ‘W’ on a disco ball represents the Wild Symbol, substituting for all regular-paying symbols and easing the way to potentially profitable clusters.

The party’s real highlight, however, comes in the form of the Walking Wild Presents. They not only substitute for other symbols to form wins but also journey down one position with each spin if not part of a win. Each present holds a cash value, with five tiers boasting increasing rewards. Tier 1 starts with modest cash prizes, and Tier 5 conceals the possibility of hitting the grand 20,000X max win. Upon reaching the grid’s base, presents leap off and may be upgraded randomly, unveiling their coveted prizes only once opened by the player.

Presents can also land atop other symbols on the reels, presenting cash rewards depending on their tier. The game ups the ante by introducing an “OPEN?” icon, wherein players face a delightful dilemma: to open the present immediately for a cash prize or leave it in play for the chance of a more significant reward.

Should a Mystery Symbol appear beneath a present, it potentially activates one of three modifiers. The Upgrade Modifier increases the present’s tier; the Nudge Modifier moves the present up, revealing a regular Wild below; and the Upgrade+Nudge Modifier combines both effects for an outcome that surpasses expectations.

Four Scatter Symbols anywhere on the reels are your invitation to the decadent Free Spins. Here, players can receive 10 or more presents, with no predefined spin count. The feature endures as long as presents remain on-screen. For those eager to dive directly into this lavish bonus round, Feature Buy allows instant access at a cost of 65X to 150X the bet, correlating to the number of starting presents.

The unprecedented walking Wild Present is a true innovation, not simply aiding in win formations but evolving through its journey on the reels. The game’s choice to collect cash prizes immediately or delay for potentially larger gains introduces an interactive element that amplifies engagement.

Review Summary

Lucksome has indeed spread its creative wings with “Mega Party Bucks,” combining a fun, party-inspired visual design with a feature-rich gameplay experience. The walking present Wild is a stroke of genius, adding depth, excitement, and an element of strategy to the game as players watch their potential winnings evolve. The multi-tiered value system of the presents adds a thrilling layer of unpredictability with each spin, and the ability to directly buy into the Free Spins feature offers flexibility to those willing to invest more for immediate gratification.

Pros and Cons


  • Enticing maximum win potential of 20,000X the bet.
  • Walking Wild Present feature adds an interactive and strategic component.
  • Medium volatility offers a balance of frequent wins and big prizes.
  • Accessible across all devices for a convenient gaming experience.


  • Bonus round frequency could be higher for players seeking constant action.
  • The max win probability confirms the rarity of the highest payouts.


What features does the Mega Party Bucks slot offer?

The slot includes innovative features such as Consecutive Wins, Walking Wild Presents, Mystery Symbols, and Free Spins, providing a thrilling and interactive gaming experience.

What is the RTP of Mega Party Bucks?

The slot features a solid RTP of 96.11%, which can increase to 96.44% when using the Feature Buy option, placing it around the industry average.

How does the Free Spins feature work in Mega Party Bucks?

Free Spins are triggered by four or more Scatter Symbols, giving players 10 or more presents, with the bonus continuing until all presents have exited the grid.

Can you play Mega Party Bucks on mobile devices?

Yes, the slot is fully optimized and playable across mobile phones, notepads, and desktop computers for gaming on the go.


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