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May 19, 2024

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In the bustling online casino landscape, Gaming Corps emerges with its latest venture, Golden Dragon Wealth, whisking players away to the mountainous regions of China amidst the celebration of the Year of the Dragon. Gaming Corps, a respected name in the industry, is celebrated for providing immersive experiences and innovative mechanics, which is strongly reflected in this game. Golden Dragon Wealth meshes time-honored traditions with modern-day gaming finesse, resulting in a visually captivating slot that enthralls with its oriental aesthetics. It’s a fresh take within a popular theme space, creating a vibe similar to the harmony found in titles like Wild Tiger and Fat Panda.

Situated in a mystical, cloud-veiled range, Golden Dragon Wealth boasts a familiar yet thrilling format, embracing a 5×3 reel structure and an impressive 243 ways to win. The gameplay mechanics are tuned to cater to a diverse audience, with a bet range starting from a minimal 0.1 to a generous 100, ensuring that both the cautious and the audacious find their place. This game stands out with two variations of Wild symbols and a selection of Free Spins options, amplified with a considerable RTP of 96.29%, situated comfortably above industry average. Despite this, operators have the liberty to adjust RTPs, with options as low as 94.24% and 89.12%. The game’s mid-high volatility further spices up the gameplay, promising a satisfying blend of risk and reward.

A seamless user interface ensures that players, whether novices or veterans, experience Golden Dragon Wealth as intended—without hassle and fully immersed. Accessible and responsive, the game adapts to all mobile devices, desktops, and notepads, proving Gaming Corps’ commitment to accommodative design.

Game Information

Title Golden Dragon Wealth
Developer Gaming Corps
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 243
RTP 96.29%
Release Date 25/01/2024

Golden Dragon Wealth Slot Features

Wild Symbols

Golden Dragon Wealth is fortified with two Wild Symbols—a regular Wild marked with the word “Wild” and the visually enthralling Dragon Wild symbolized by the majestic beast itself. Both Wilds enhance potential payouts by substituting other symbols, save for the Scatter, aligning wins within reach. Notably, the Dragon Wild graces reels 2, 3, and 4, where it expands to cover the entire reel, manifesting wins as if conjured by ancient magic.

Scatter Symbol & Free Spins

Scorched with opportunity, the Scatter Symbol labeled “Free Spins” is your vessel to formidable bonus rounds. Landing 3 or more Scatter Symbols triggers the Free Spins feature, with payouts ranging from 2X to a generous 20X. The game lavishes players with choices, presenting four distinct Free Spins options upon activation:

  • Green Free Spins
  • Indulge in 28 Free Spins with a Multiplier ranging between 2X and 5X, wrapping each win with promising amplification.

  • Blue Free Spins
  • Venture through 18 Free Spins accompanied by a Multiplier dancing between 5X and 10X, marrying chance with fortune.

  • Red Free Spins
  • Emerge with 8 Free Spins, each wrapping a Multiplier between 15X and 30X around your wins, binding luck to every spin.

  • Mystery Free Spins
  • Embrace uncertainty with 8 to 38 Free Spins, twined with a Multiplier spanning 2X to an awe-striking 50X, setting the stage for unprecedented victory.

Crucial to this feature’s thrill is a Multiplier topping the reels—applied to victories involving any Wild, painting every triumph with a stroke of fortune. This game’s rhythm lies in its Free Spins mode, flourishing like a dragon in flight, potent in its potential for bounty and surprise.

Golden Dragon Wealth Slot Conclusion

Golden Dragon Wealth slots you into the auspicious narrative woven by the Year of the Dragon, with its tranquil oriental tunes and vibrant hues evoking serenity amidst excitement. While the base game keeps players taut with anticipation through its Wild expansions, the true exuberance lies within its Free Spins feature. The choice between a bounty of spins and towering multipliers—or daring the unknown with the Mystery option—carves a path for each player’s preferred style of chance.

Yet, to ignore the subtle room for improvement would be amiss. The static nature of the Base Game’s Multiplier, clinging to a mere 1X, beckons for enhancement, a progression that would mirror the rising fortunes the theme hints at. Moreover, the Free Spins’ Multipliers, potent as they are, would sing praises far louder if they extended their grace to all wins, not solely those featuring a Wild presence.

Golden Dragon Wealth, though not breaking the mold, delivers an alluring foray into oriental adventures. Should you be unsworn to the theme, its charm could yet beckon you through its elemental gameplay and captivating aesthetic. Concluding this journey among high peaks and mythical beasts, one cannot help but feel a touch of the dragon’s fabled fortune, whether a steadfast believer in zodiacs or not.

Pros and Cons


  • Vivid theme and engaging visuals
  • High RTP and mid-high volatility for balanced play
  • Diverse Free Spins options with varying multipliers


  • Multiplier does not progress in the base game
  • Free Spins multiplier restricted to wins with Wilds


What is the Return to Player (RTP) of this slot game?

Golden Dragon Wealth carries an RTP of 96.29%, creating an enticing environment for players seeking favorable odds.

How volatile is this slot game?

With a blend of mid-high volatility, Golden Dragon Wealth offers a balanced mix of sizable wins amid thrilling gameplay.

Are there Free Spins available in Golden Dragon Wealth?

Yes, by landing 3 or more Scatter Symbols, players unlock the Free Spins feature, with up to four different Free Spins modes available, each with its own Multiplier option.

Can I play Golden Dragon Wealth on mobile?

Indeed, the game is perfectly optimized for mobile play, thus players can enjoy this oriental quest on various handheld devices.

How are the Wild Symbols used in Golden Dragon Wealth?

There are two Wild Symbols in the game: the regular Wild and the Dragon Wild. Both serve to replace other symbols to form winning combinations, with the Dragon Wild carrying the added benefit of expanding over reels.

What is the maximum win in this game?

The maximum win reachable in Golden Dragon Wealth is an impressive 5000X the player’s bet.

When was Golden Dragon Wealth released?

Golden Dragon Wealth was released on 25 January 2024, offering an updated take on an ever-popular theme.


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