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Apr 21, 2024

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If you’re on the prowl for an interstellar adventure with a playful twist, you might just want to set your sights on “Galactic Invaders,” a vibrant slot creation by Pear Fiction Studios. Known for their knack for embedding fun into the reels, Pear Fiction Studios holds a sterling reputation for delivering engaging slots with a creative flair that can swiftly hook players. Whether you’re a seasoned slot enthusiast or a curious newbie, the allure of their game design, laid out in vivid artistic strokes and animated playfulness, is unmistakable. “Galactic Invaders” continues in this tradition with a theme that balances the thrill of an alien invasion with the charm of a light-hearted cartoon escapade.

The game whisks you away to a city under siege by unexpectedly delightful extraterrestrial beings. These intergalactic guests aren’t your run-of-the-mill invaders; instead, they bring a dash of color and charm to the otherwise daunting scenario. This ability to mix fascinating narratives with captivating gameplay is a craft Pear Fiction Studios has honed and exhibited in earlier offerings such as “Granny VS Zombies” and “Blazing Piranhas.”

Delving into the mechanics of “Galactic Invaders,” players begin with a standard 5×3 reel setup. However, the game boasts an innovative Split Alien Swifthits feature that can expand the grid up to 6 rows high, escalating the ways to win to an impressive 7776. With such a dynamic playing field, your strategies are bound to evolve as the game unfolds. Players can place their bets within a range from 0.20 to 50, making the game accessible to both casual players and high rollers. The slot touts a default RTP of 96%, aligning with industry standards and promising a fair shot at striking it rich with a maximum win potential of 5000x the bet.

You’ll also appreciate the game’s high volatility, suggesting that while wins may not occur on every other spin, the ones that land have the potential to be significantly rewarding. This volatility is harmonized beautifully with the hit frequency of 30.5%, assuring a balanced ebb and flow as you spin through the cosmos.

Rendered in an art style that is simultaneously retro and futuristic, “Galactic Invaders” captures the imagination with flying saucers looming over the cityscape. Each spin is accompanied by a catchy beat that ramps up the excitement, especially as you enter bonus rounds. It’s also worth noting that the slot’s comprehensive design translates flawlessly across different devices, from desktops to mobile gadgets, ensuring an optimized and enjoyable experience regardless of your playing preference.

Game Information

Title Galactic Invaders
Developer Pear Fiction Studios
Reels 5
Rows 3 – 6
Paylines 7776
RTP 96%
Release Date 07/03/2024


The engaging features within “Galactic Invaders” brand it as not just any run-of-the-mill slot; it’s a treasure trove of opportunities waiting to unfold. The basic symbols glide into the familiar and comfortable category with J, Q, K, and A paving the way for payouts that can multiply your bet. Venturing further up the paytable, you’ll come across higher-value icons such as soldiers and movie stars, each represented in distinct colors and possessing the potential to increase your windfall considerably.

Among these symbols, the flying saucer symbol stands out as the Wild, performing the standard substitution duties to enhance your chances of winning combinations. But there’s an added thrill: wilds in “Galactic Invaders” can carry multipliers as colossal as 250x, presenting a rare chance to boost your payouts to cosmic proportions.

Compelling players to watch the reels with unwavering attention are the Swifthits symbols in playful hues of green, red, and purple. Each comes with its characteristics; green for regular Swifthits, red for respin Swifthits that freeze in place for a respin, and purple for split Swifthits that can magnify the reel it lands on, granting more rows and thus, more ways to triumph.

And what’s an alien-themed slot without a Free Spins round? Land three scatter symbols to soar into this sought-after feature. A spins wheel will determine the number of spins and a win multiplier, furthering the excitement. Multipliers do not affect the Jackpot Swifthits wins, but they do amplify the payout delight when factoring in wild multipliers.

Pear Fiction Studios has ensured that every element of the game – from the UI to the bonus features – converges to offer a cohesive and engaging player experience, distinguishing “Galactic Invaders” from other alien invasion narratives like “Invaders Megaways.”

Review Summary

“Galactic Invaders” proves to be a testament to Pear Fiction Studios’ ingenuity in game development. It’s a slot that encapsulates the thrill of a good alien-themed game while maintaining enough originality to stand out with its signature design excellence and a gameplay formula that balances fear with fun. As players navigate through the reels, the prospect of hitting a grand win is heightened by the Swifthits symbols that herald jackpots and bonus rounds with a festive flair. The convergence of the respin and split features brings a complexity that retains a player’s interest, punctuated by moments when the game’s volatility could unleash payouts as extraordinary as an alien encounter.

Pros and Cons


  • Engaging alien theme with a charming visual style
  • Potential for substantial wins with a max payout of 5000x
  • Offer of a versatile betting range catering to all players
  • Enticing features like Instant Alien Jackpots and Free Spins


  • High volatility may not suit all player preferences
  • Multiplicity of RTP options could confuse players
  • Advanced features might overwhelm novice players


What is the maximum win in the slot Galactic Invaders?

You can land a cosmic win of up to 5000X the bet in Galactic Invaders.

What features are offered in the slot Galactic Invaders?

Galactic Invaders garnishes gameplay with features that include Wild Symbol, Instant Alien Jackpots Swifthits, Respin Alien Swifthits, Split Alien Swifthits, and Free Spins.

How does the Wild Symbol work in Galactic Invaders?

The Wild substitutes for paying symbols and can carry a multiplier value, elevating potential payouts.

Can I retrigger the Free Spins feature in Galactic Invaders?

Indeed, landing 3 scatter symbols during the Free Spins round will retrigger the feature, awarding additional spins and multipliers.

Is Galactic Invaders accessible on mobile?

Absolutely! The game is optimized for all devices, including mobile, ensuring a seamless experience.


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