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Apr 22, 2024

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In the bustling world of online slots, a new luminary often emerges, courtesy of the esteemed game developer Relax Gaming. A name synonymous with innovation, Relax Gaming has repeatedly proven its prowess in the slot marketplace with offerings that marry captivating themes and a smorgasbord of features. And in its latest rollout, the suite of Relax Gaming’s thrilling adventures sees a whimsical addition with the Firewins Factory slot. Picture an explosion of color and a sprinkle of cartoonish charm, and you’ve landed in the realm of Relax Gaming’s Firewins Factory, a game set within the bustling confines of a fireworks factory.

Drawn in vivid hues with a cheeky nod to our favorite goggle-wearing Minions, this game invites players to light up the reels amidst the hardworking factory minions. The delightful ensemble of petite, dungaree-clad workers lends the game an engaging narrative, mirroring Relax Gaming’s creative foray into diverse themes seen in titles like Net Gains and Money Cart 4.

Firewins Factory is not just about pretty explosions and a cast of charming characters; it’s a hearty battleground of 6 reels, 6 rows, and a generous 950 paylines. The game mechanics are robust, spinning narratives where every cascade and wild symbol is a step toward an incendiary payoff. Players can ignite their wagers from a humble 1 credit to a bold 50 credits, engaging with a high volatility slot that brims with potential. With an RTP at a noteworthy 96.19%, bettors are promised an experience that is as rewarding as it is enigmatic, with wins smoldering from every spin.

Moreover, an intuitive user interface ensures that from mobiles to desktops, players can immerse themselves in the Firewins Factory experience unhindered. It is a seamless display of Relax Gaming’s commitment to the comprehensive player experience, encompassing ease of play, aesthetic pleasure, and game interactivity.

Game Information

Title Firewins Factory
Developer Relax Gaming
Reels 6
Rows 6
Paylines 950
RTP 96.19%
Release Date 05/03/2024

Firewins Factory Slot Features

In the plethora of features that Firewins Factory unfurls, it becomes evident that the slot is a firecracker of engagement and exuberance. The base game itself is a sizzling affair as symbols combust into wins, yielding space for cascading symbols and birthing new wins.

The Explosive Wilds in Firewins Factory are the cherry bombs of this slot fest. Not content with merely substituting for other symbols, these wilds detonate in magnificent patterns, expanding wins and potentially chaining successes through successive cascades. With multiple wild variations, each with its own unique expansion tactic, these symbols keep the reels dynamically combustible.

To ensure these Wilds aren’t one-spark wonders, the game enlists robust multipliers. Each linking win catalyzed by an Explosive Wild pumps up the multiplier, ascending by a heady 1x with each cascade. The thrill escalates during the Free Spins feature, where these multipliers continue to soar unfettered by a reset.

Free Spins blaze their way onto the scene with 3 or more scatter symbols. The slot, generous in its pyrotechnics, doles out 8 free spins, with each additional scatter symbol adding another to the kitty. And let’s not forget the feature buy options—taking fate into your own hands has never been more explosive with options to purchase 8 to 15 free spins.

Explosive Features Aplenty

Firewins Factory houses an armory of mesmerizing wilds each equipped to scatter triumph across the reels. The Cross Wild radiates success to adjacent symbols, while its Diagonal counterpart shares its victories to the corners of the grid. The Vertical Wild and Horizontal Wild, true to their designations, share the flame upwards-downwards and left-right, respectively. Then there’s the Random Spread Wild, a wildcard in every sense, scattering 3 to 8 wilds with impulsive generosity.

Multiplier Mountain

Providing an ascent to peak rewards, the incremental multipliers in Firewins Factory create an exponential landscape of wins. Coupled with cascading symbols, players could find themselves scaling a multiplier mountain cradled by successive wins.

Second Chance and Feature Buys

A nod to persistence, the Second Chance feature rescues players from the cusp of near-wins, reactivating unused wilds for another shot at victory. And for the impatient souls, the Feature Buy is a quick leap into the throes of Free Spins, albeit at a cost.

Firewins Factory Slot Conclusion

As expected from the creative forge of Relax Gaming, Firewins Factory slot is a delightful mix of amusement and opulent potential. It’s a slot that doesn’t merely entertain but also promises fireworks on the reels, with its colossal maximum win of 20,000x the bet. The highly volatile nature of the game complements its engaging features, from cascading wins and multipliers to the adrenaline-infused Free Spins, furnishing players with a volatile, yet rewarding experience.

Relax Gaming pushes boundaries with each title, and Firewins Factory is the amalgamation of whimsy, risk, and reward: a trifecta that molds it into an extraordinary slot experience. With its sprawling array of features, inviting RTP, and eminent potential, Firewins Factory resonates as a title far removed from the drudges of the mundane.

Pros and Cons


  • A capacious 950 ways to win with 6 reels and 6 rows
  • Diverse and dynamic Explosive Wild features
  • Incremental multipliers that don’t reset during Free Spins
  • Accessible betting range and a high RTP of 96.19%


  • High volatility might deter cautious players
  • Maximum win probability not specified


What is the maximum win in Firewins Factory?

Firewins Factory offers a maximum win of a staggering 20,000x the bet.

What special features does Firewins Factory include?

This slot shines with features like Cascading Wins, Explosive Wilds, Multipliers, Second Chance, Free Spins, and Feature Buy.

How can I access free spins in Firewins Factory?

Free spins are triggered by landing at least 3 scatter symbols, with each additional scatter symbol providing an extra spin.

Is Firewins Factory accessible on mobile devices?

Yes, this slot is crafted to be playable on mobile phones, notepads, and desktop computers.

Can I buy into the bonus game in Firewins Factory?

Indeed, the game offers a Feature Buy option to directly purchase free spins at a shown price.


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