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May 22, 2024

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Fans of online slots are constantly on the hunt for fresh and thrilling gaming experiences, and with the latest offering from Lucksome, they might have just struck gold. Lucksome, a burgeoning game provider known for concocting immersive and innovative slots, has recently brought to life the streets of Miami with its flashy new title, “FatStacks Miami Cash.” Hot on the heels of their gun-slinging adventure “6 in the Chamber,” which transported players to the Wild West, Lucksome now returns with a starkly contrasting setup—the sultry and vibrant nocturnal façade of Miami. Ushering in a novel game mechanic, the FatStacks mechanic promises to amp up wins and the overall adrenaline of the game. While at first glance the mechanic’s full scope may seem shrouded in mystery, its potential becomes abundantly clear once you dive into the heart of the game.

As you hit the neon-lit streets in “FatStacks Miami Cash,” you’re met with a 6-reel, 4-row video slot that can dramatically evolve into offering an astounding 1,000,000 ways to win, thanks to the inventive FatStacks mechanic. The game allows players a betting range from a Min.bet of 0.10 to a Max.bet of 50, catering to a diverse array of spending preferences. Armed with an RTP of 96.11% by default and a hit frequency of 40%, the slot tests the waters of medium volatility, offering a robust balance that is poised to keep both high rollers and casual players engaged. The potential for a massive win is at the tip of your fingers with a maximum payout of 15000x your bet, albeit confined to the bonus rounds, with the base game promising a still substantial 5000x your bet. To spice things up, Lucksome has fitted the game with an array of features like Cascade, FatStacks, Wild Symbol, Luxpots, Modifiers, Free Games, and Bonus Buy, each designed to elevate the player experience. Beyond the mechanics, the user interface and graphics of the game embody the essence of the iconic 80s Miami, beckoning with palm trees and skyscraper silhouettes set against a nostalgic soundtrack, ensuring the perfect backdrop for an engaging session chock-full of both retro charm and modern twists.

Game Information

Title FatStacks Miami Cash
Developer Lucksome
Reels 6
Rows 4+
Paylines 1000000
RTP 96.11%
Release Date 23/01/2024

FatStacks Miami Cash Slot Features

Cascade Feature

When you strike a winning combination in “FatStacks Miami Cash,” the cascade feature springs into action. Winning symbols vanish, making room for new ones to tumble down, thus perpetuating potential winning streaks.

FatStacks Mechanic

An innovative addition, the FatStacks mechanic, triggers when two or three matching symbols land on a reel, amalgamating into double or triple symbols. As these consolidations happen, they leave behind voids to be occupied by new symbols, swelling the number of ways to win up to that million mark. These FatStacks symbols persist through the current spin and any subsequent cascades, before resetting on the following spin.

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol in “FatStacks Miami Cash,” embossed with WILD and silhouetted by palm trees, steps in to substitute for other paying symbols, boosting your chances to nail those winning combos, the Luxpots, and modifiers notwithstanding.


These coveted symbols, either in their regular (purple) or bonus (silver) forms, can appear throughout your gameplay. Netting three or more Luxpots at once earns you a generous cut from the prize ladder – a feature that can fluctuate in prize size and undergo transformations at the hands of various game modifiers. A minimum of one bonus Luxpots is necessary to trigger the bonus chance, with differing reward tables distinguishing base and bonus gameplay.


Modifiers come in several varieties and influence your play differently. Whether it’s the base game Shackles that randomly boost prize ladder values or the bonus game Merge that amalgamates two adjacent levels for superior ladder payouts, each has a significant impact.

Free Games

Unlocking the free games feature depends on your knack for landing regular and bonus Luxpots combos. Requisite combinations start at one bonus Luxpot and six regulars, scaling down to five bonus Luxpots on their own. Upgrades during play can lessen the regular Luxpot tally needed to ignite the bonus rounds.

Bonus Buy Feature

If patience isn’t your forte, don’t fret—the Bonus Buy feature can fast-track you to free spins with enhanced FatStacks activations and a spectrum of volatilities to pick according to your preference and strategy.

FatStacks Miami Cash Slot Conclusion

Traversing the neon-drenched avenues of 80’s Miami, “FatStacks Miami Cash” serves up a visual and auditory feast that is effortlessly complemented by a suite of features designed to keep your fingers tapping and your account balance rising. Though the theme could risk feeling passé, it is skillfully reimagined through the synergistic fusion of classic symbols and the fresh FatStacks mechanic that invokes the spirit of the lauded Megaways formula. It’s exciting to behold the tried-and-true ingredients of slots getting a modern polish without losing touch with what made them timeless in the first place. The game’s excellence lies not just in its engaging mechanics but also in the fair statistical framework it builds upon, teasing out impressive win potential that brushes shoulders with the best slots on the market. Lucksome has tapped into that tantalizing potential with “FatStacks Miami Cash,” and there’s no doubt that this could be the precursor to more FatStacks-laden titles in the future.

Pros and Cons


  • Imaginative FatStacks mechanic raises win opportunities.
  • Decent RTP and hit frequency cater to a variety of players.
  • Diverse betting options and a high potential max win.


  • Game complexity may be daunting to newcomers.
  • The novel mechanic requires a learning curve.


What is the maximum win in FatStacks Miami Cash?

You have the potential to strike a 15000x bet bounty.

What are the unique features in FatStacks Miami Cash?

Features include Cascade, FatStacks, Wild Symbol, Luxpots, Modifiers, Free Games, and Bonus Buy options.

How often does the bonus round activate in FatStacks Miami Cash?

The bonus round activates, on average, every 320 spins.

Which devices support FatStacks Miami Cash?

The game shines on all platforms, including notepads, desktops, and mobiles.

How does the FatStacks mechanic work?

It consolidates symbols on a reel and increases the ways to win, reaching up to 1,000,000.

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