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Apr 26, 2024

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Just For The Win has been steadily rising in prominence in the casino slot game industry, known for developing immersive games that strike a fine balance between aesthetic appeal and innovative gameplay. Among their creations, Dark Waters Power Combo, the game under our spotlight today, stands as a testament to their reputation.

Plunging us into a pirate-themed adventure, Dark Waters Power Combo decorates its reels against the backdrop of a bay, echoing the mysterious allure of Norwegian fjords or the secluded coasts of New Zealand. A narrative unfolds where fires burn close to the mountains’ feet, and a ship trapped between promises of erstwhile grandeur and undying hope. Completing this picturesque vista is a wide-hatted pirate – a silent guardian of the treasures unknown.

Visually, the game bears resemblance to two well-acknowledged slots in the Power Combo series, Luck of the Devil: Power Combo and Chest of Gold: Power Combo. While they all feature unique elements of bonus games, they’re united by the Power Combo feature that gives them their name. The slot’s Power Combo feature centers around Scatter Symbols, or Tokens, which can potentially trigger robust bonus games. They incite a thrilling unpredictability, peppering the anticipation of whether a bonus game will indeed unfold.

Structurally, Dark Waters Power Combo is built on a 6-reel framework with the possibility of expanding up to 6 rows during Free Spins, a mechanic that skyrockets the paylines from a decent 4,096 ways to win to a staggering 46,656 paylines. Players find themselves in a high-stakes environment, thanks to the slot’s high volatility, a hit frequency of 26.47%, and an RTP (Return to Player) of 96%. Betting options range broadly from 0.2 to 50, catering to a wide user preference spectrum.

The user interface is meticulous, accessible on mobile phones, notepads, and desktop computers, ensuring a seamless cross-platform player experience. With user-friendliness at its core, the game’s intuitive design allows for effortless navigation, whether you’re spinning for that colossal 5,000x max win or just enjoying a casual playthrough.

The charm of Just For The Win’s creation also lies in its reflective design of the gameplay that marries traditional and novel features. The presence of Wild Symbols, Money Symbols, Collect Symbols, and the cornerstone Token Symbols pave the way for both experienced enthusiasts and fresh sea-rovers venturing for the first time into the enigmatic Dark Waters.

Game Information

Title Dark Waters Power Combo
Developer Just For The Win
Reels 6
Rows 4 – 6
Paylines 46656
RTP 96%
Release Date 27/02/2024

Slot Features

Deep beneath the eerie surface of the Dark Waters Power Combo, multifaceted features lie awaiting those daring enough to navigate its vast expanse. Initiated by landing Wild Symbols, these scrolls with a ‘W’ can miraculously transform losing spins into winning ones by substituting for all regular-paying symbols, excluding the Money, Collect, and Token Symbols.

But that’s only the beginning. The Money Symbols carry weight in their randomness – quite literally, as they present you with a chance to accrue cash values ranging from minor multipliers like 1x to staggering prizes including the Mini (15x), Minor (40x), Major (200x), and the coveted Mega Prize (5000x). The Mega prize – a herald of the game’s max win – is a once-per-game occurrence that can make fortunes turn in a single round.

Tokens paint stories of chances, heralding free spins with immense potentiality. The Giant Reels, Golden Reel, and Multi-Collect features each leave their mark on the gameplay, presenting an ever-evolving tapestry of opportunities. The true mastery of adventuring across these dark waters becomes apparent when these tokens coalesce, triggering the Free Spins with two or even three combined features. The promise of ten free spins comes with the shot at extendable adventures if a non-active token comes into play or even three additional spins if an active token makes its grand entrance.

Collect Symbols rise to prominence in the heroic reel 6 during the base game and expand their domain to all reels in Free Spins. Should multiple collect icons grace the reels, their might combines, amassing the value of every present money symbol, and bequeathing you wealth worthy of a pirate.

The Golden Reel feature, exclusive to the Free Spins, guarantees that every spin will see one reel from 2 to 5 glisten with only money symbols – a homage to the treasures that lie in abyssal depths. This harmoniously complements the expanded reel area ascending from 6×4 to an impressive 6×6, creating an increased canvas for victory.

Explorers are reminded, however, that Free Spins – like all good voyages – must come to an end, but only when the last spin fades into the marine horizon.

Review Summary

Dark Waters Power Combo is a testament to Just For The Win’s expertise in crafting slot games that not only excite with their thematic allure but also with dynamic mechanics and an array of engaging features. The overall player experience is crafted meticulously around the adventurous theme, ensuring that with each spin, players are drawn deeper into the mystical world of pirates and treasures.

The slot makes good on its promise to deliver a high volatility gaming encounter, and the RTP sits comfortably at an industry average, ensuring that while winnings might not be as frequent, they certainly come with the potential to be grand. Echoing the unpredictability of the seas it’s themed after, Dark Waters Power Combo captivates with seminal features that merge to create gameplay as deep and compelling as the oceans themselves.

Pros and Cons


  • Vibrant pirate-themed visual style that immerses players in the game’s world
  • 46656 ways to win during Free Spins due to the expanding reels feature
  • Money Symbols with the potential for massive payouts, including the 5000x Mega Prize
  • Fascinating combination of the Free Spins features providing a diverse gameplay experience


  • Max win cap of 5,000x may be considered low for high volatility games
  • While visually appealing, the dependence on Collect Symbols can make gameplay monotonous for some


What is the Return to Player (RTP) of Dark Waters Power Combo?

Dark Waters Power Combo offers an RTP of 96%, which sits at the industry average, giving players a fair chance at returns.

How volatile is Dark Waters Power Combo?

The slot game operates on high volatility, suggesting that wins can be substantial but may occur less frequently.

What unique features does Dark Waters Power Combo offer?

The game boasts the Power Combo feature with three distinct Free Spins modes – Giant Reels, Multi-Collect, and Golden Reel – that can be activated separately or combined for an enthralling experience.

Can I win real money on Dark Waters Power Combo?

Yes, real money can be won when playing Dark Waters Power Combo at an online casino providing this game from Just For The Win.

Is Dark Waters Power Combo mobile-friendly?

Absolutely! The game is designed to be fully responsive, allowing for seamless gameplay on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Does Dark Waters Power Combo offer a jackpot prize?

While there’s no traditional jackpot, the Money Symbols in Dark Waters Power Combo offer significant win potential, with the Mega Prize offering a chance at a win 5,000 times your bet.


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