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May 03, 2024

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As the digital world continues to expand its horizon, the online casino industry is not far behind, with innovative themes that redefine the gaming experience. Today, we turn our attention to Four Leaf Gaming, a name that’s quickly making waves with their immersive and visually enchanting slot games. One such thrilling release that captures the essence of cyber sophistication is Cyber Vault, a slot that invites players to join Raven, a mysterious hacker, in the quest for digital riches.

This highly stylized slot doesn’t just break the mold of traditional aesthetics with its dark cyberpunk theme; it creates a whole new universe. Players are transported into a dystopian realm, where glowing neon symbols and wires span across a 5×5 grid. Hinting at the adventures of iconic hacker-centric franchises, Cyber Vault’s environment is meticulously crafted to embody the chaotic beauty of the virtual underworld.

Four Leaf Gaming has previously caught the attention of the market with games that offer unique aspects and diverse themes, making them recognizable in the sea of slots. Their ability to combine cutting-edge graphics with compelling narratives sets them apart.

Cyber Vault follows suit with its 3125 ways to win, providing a structural masterpiece that is as rewarding as it is intricate. The mechanics are a blend of futuristic elements and traditional slot concepts, with Falling Reels and an Uplink Trail that challenge even the most seasoned players.

Distinct features, such as the generous RTP of 96.22% and the mid-high volatility, ensure that the game remains appealing to a broad audience. Betting ranges from a minimal 0.1 credits to a maximum of 20, appealing to both casual gamers and high rollers. Above all, the user interface has a professional finish that matches the game’s narrative, leading to an engaging experience for any player.

Following the , here’s a table with key information about Cyber Vault:

Game Information

Title Cyber Vault
Developer Four Leaf Gaming
Reels 5
Rows 5
Paylines 3125
RTP 96.22%
Release Date 15/02/2024

Let’s dive deep into the realm that the Cyber Vault slot encompasses.

Cyber Vault Slot Features

Thrills of the Digital Underworld

The setting of Cyber Vault is an electrifying environment where the stakes are high and the rewards potentially even higher. Players are given the task to help Raven, the skillful hacker, manipulate the vault and attain the fabled jackpot of up to 22,760 times the bet, a number that signifies the game’s vast potential.

Gameplay Dynamics

In keeping with the theme, the lower-paying symbols – clubs, spades, diamonds, and hearts – are rendered in digital brushstrokes, while the higher value symbols such as batteries and safes promise higher returns, reflecting the tools of the trade for any heist aficionado.

Wild Symbol and PowerUp Reel

The Wild symbol, marked with a bold “W”, replaces any symbol except the Scatter, enhancing your chances of a successful combination. The PowerUp Reel, a remarkable feature situated to the left of the reels, spins upon collecting three battery Scatter Symbols, leading to either a movement along the Uplink Trail or a collection of the current prize.

A Converging Uplink Trail

Surrounding the grid, the Uplink Trail is a pathway to rewards, boasting cash prizes and bonuses galore. As players accumulate power, the trail resets, and the captivating chase begins anew. Each movement or collection on the trail carries the promise of substantial winnings.

The Free Spins Enigma

The Free Spins feature, a cornerstone of the game’s architecture, elevates your journey through the digital landscape. Collecting a Free Spins symbol along the Uplink Trail grants players an opportunity to amass grand prizes, with the Counter Reset mechanism ensuring a continuous adventure.

Nitro Spins and Feature Buy

Nitro Spins add adrenaline to the equation, creating better opportunities to encounter Scatter Symbols and Cash Prizes. Meanwhile, the Game & Fortune (Feature Buy) allows players to shortcut their way into the bonus rounds, albeit at a cost, altering the fiscal landscape of the game to their benefit.

Cyber Vault Slot Conclusion

With its gripping narrative and innovative gameplay, Cyber Vault by Four Leaf Gaming is more than just another entry in the ever-expanding library of online slots; it stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to innovation and player satisfaction. The fusion of the game’s features, from the Wilds to the Uplink Trail, comes together to weave a story where every spin keeps players on the edge of their seats.

Equally appealing is the game’s soundtrack, which resonates with pulsating beats that set the perfect tempo for a cyber-heist. The game’s homage to classics like Money Train 3 and 4, evident in its dark and heist-heavy atmosphere, indicates that Cyber Vault has learned from the best while paving its own path.

In conclusion, Cyber Vault delivers an electrifying gaming experience, with the Uplink Trail providing a unique twist and a variety of bonuses that ensure a fresh adventure in each session. The PowerUp Reel is a star feature that adds suspense to each spin, making it a core attraction of this digital escapade.

Pros and Cons


  • Stunning cyberpunk theme with engaging graphics and sound.
  • Above-average RTP of 96.22%, offering reasonable winning odds.
  • The PowerUp Reel and Uplink Trail offer engaging and unique gameplay features.
  • Access to a substantial maximum win of 22,760x bet.


  • Mid-high volatility may not suit all types of players.
  • A hit frequency of 20% could indicate a higher chance of extended dry spells between wins.


What is the max win I can achieve in Cyber Vault?

You can win up to 22,760 times your bet, a prize that towers above many traditional slot outcomes.

Which features are available in Cyber Vault?

Cyber Vault is enriched with interactive features like Wild Symbol, PowerUp Reel, Uplink Trail, Free Spins, and Game & Fortune (Feature Buy), all contributing to a versatile gaming experience.

Can I play Cyber Vault on my mobile device?

Indeed, you can enjoy the full hacking experience across all mobile devices, desktops, and notepads without compromising on quality.

How does the Free Spins feature work in Cyber Vault?

The Free Spins activate when you collect a Free Spins symbol on the Uplink Trail, triggering a chance to rack up substantial cash prizes.

Overall, Cyber Vault represents a captivating foray into the world of digital thievery, blending Four Leaf Gaming’s penchant for innovation with classic slot enjoyment to deliver an exhilarating voyage through the virtual landscape.


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