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May 11, 2024

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Slot games are the bread and butter of the iGaming industry, and with each new release, developers like Booming Games strive to up the ante with their innovative formats and thrilling features. Booming Games, a seasoned player in the market, has firmly established its credentials with exciting titles that resonate with audiences worldwide. A shining example of their craft is the just-released “Classic Fantastic,” which blends the nostalgia of vintage casino slots with modern twists that seasoned slot enthusiasts and newbies alike can enjoy.

In “Classic Fantastic,” Booming Games takes us down memory lane with a classic casino theme, set against a blue star-patterned backdrop with reels encased in a golden frame. The layout is uncluttered and focused, reminiscent of an era when simplicity was the soul of gaming. This game doesn’t just mimic the aesthetics of the good old days but adds depth with its solid features. With 5 reels and 3 rows aligned over 5 paylines and an RTP of 97%, “Classic Fantastic” attempts to strike a balance between playability and profitability, targeting the Mid-High volatility space. With bets ranging from the casual player-friendly 0.05 to a high-roller’s 50, there’s a betting level for everyone. Moreover, the user-friendly interface ensures a seamless gaming experience, whether on mobile or desktop devices.

The “Classic Fantastic” slot incorporates the Perma 2-way pay system, fascinating for the strategy it brings to each spin, allowing winning combinations to flow in both directions. Its mix of Wild Multipliers and Free Spins stokes the fire of anticipation, raising the bar for potential big wins up to 6311X the bet. The game’s nostalgic design and graphics strike a delicate balance—sufficiently vibrant to maintain interest but not overwhelming, thereby remaining true to the game’s classic lineage.

To drill down further into the player experience, Booming Games keeps things exciting with the Stacked Wilds and Wild Multipliers. These features are not just eye-catchers on the paytable; they are linchpins in the game’s structure that could lead to lucrative paydays. Pair that with the generous RTP and a well-calibrated volatility range, and “Classic Fantastic” becomes a slot that promises both frequent smaller wins and the chance for explosive payouts.

A noteworthy mention is that during the testing phase of “Classic Fantastic,” the background music was absent, replaced by retro slot machine sounds upon spins. While some may prefer a catchy tune for their spinning sessions, others will appreciate the focus on sound effects that enhance the traditional slot vibe. As Booming Games’ portfolio includes captivating themes like “Hoop Kings” and “Power of Rome,” “Classic Fantastic” might seem like a departure toward simplicity, but it’s a tactical choice that caters to a specific audience that values classic slot mechanics.

Game Information

Title Classic Fantastic
Developer Booming Games
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 5
RTP 97%
Release Date 01/02/2024

Classic Fantastic Slot Features

The slot game market is brimming with feature-rich games that promise an endless stream of entertainment, and “Classic Fantastic” doesn’t shy away from this trend. At the heart of this title are its Wild Symbols and Free Spins. The Wild Symbol, depicted as a golden coin, is not just a substitute for other symbols, it’s also a direct entry to payouts. Successive Wilds can lead to direct wins, scaling up to a generous 1000X the bet.

“Classic Fantastic” hosts two different Wilds—the Stacked Wild and the Multiplier Wild. Each type brings its own charm to the reels. Stacked Wilds, potentially covering entire reels, increase the likelihood of substantial wins, while Multiplier Wilds carry an inherent X3 multiplier that applies to any win they complete—unless the win consists solely of Wild X3 Symbols, in which case, the multiplier is not applied.

The nostalgia-fueled journey of “Classic Fantastic” reaches its peak with the Free Spins feature, where things get truly interesting. Landing three or more Scatter Symbols activates 10 Free Spins. What makes these spins particularly special is that all wins are tripled, and if a win includes a Wild X3 Symbol, the win is tripled once again, stacking the player’s odds further in favor of substantial rewards.

Furthermore, these Free Spins are not one-hit wonders; they can be retriggered, promising even more chances to capitalize on the lucrative multipliers. During the review, it surfaced that Wild Symbols frequented the reels more during the Free Spins, elevating the excitement as players chase those major payouts.

Classic Fantastic Slot Review Summary

While the absence of multiple complex bonus rounds or a riveting backdrop story in “Classic Fantastic” might leave some yearning for more engagement, its simplicity is a double-edged sword that ensures uninterrupted, no-frills spinning action recalling the essence of age-old slot machines. Backed by Booming Games’ prowess in creating memorable slot experiences, “Classic Fantastic” fills the niche for players who long for the days of straightforward slots, yet still offers a high RTP of 97% and solid payouts.

Pros and Cons


  • Generous RTP of 97%, signaling favorable odds for the player
  • The Wild Symbol adds substantial value, docking high win potentials on the paytable
  • The Perma 2-way pay feature increases odds of winning combinations


  • Misses the addition of a Feature Buy button for instant Free Spins access
  • Lacks multiple complex bonus rounds for those yearning for deeper narratives
  • Some players might find the classic theme less engaging than newer video slots


What is the max win in Classic Fantastic?

The max win potential in “Classic Fantastic” scales up to a remarkable 6311X your bet.

Does Classic Fantastic offer special features?

Yes, “Classic Fantastic” offers both Wild Multipliers and Free Spins that can lead to hefty payouts

Can you play Classic Fantastic on mobile devices?

Indeed, “Classic Fantastic” is optimized for a seamless mobile gaming experience.

What is the betting range in Classic Fantastic?

The slot caters to a wide range of players with its betting range set between 0.05 to 50.

Overall, “Classic Fantastic” is a Booming Games release that prioritizes reliability and a high-yielding experience, making it an attractive option for players seeking to reminisce about classic slots while enjoying the functionalities of modern-day iGaming.


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