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Apr 24, 2024

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Roll up, roll up! Backseat Gaming, a veteran of the virtual casino world, invites you to explore the mystical realm of wild multipliers and monstrous wins in their thrilling slot venture, Blade Master. Whisked away to a hidden town teeming with ogres and sundry beasties, this game is not only a portal to a fantasy universe but also a platform where the mighty “W” reigns supreme, promising fortunes to lucky adventurers. Following in the footsteps of their compelling slot narratives like Sleepy Grandpa and Fireborn, Backseat Gaming is at it again, delivering an enchanting experience packed with features and rich aesthetics.

Blade Master is more than just a fight against evil; it’s a visual feast set at the foot of mountainous terrain, designed for those with a penchant for the heroic tales of blade-wielding champions reminiscent of the cult-classic movie Blade, starring Wesley Snipes. With a math model forged in the fires of modern gameplay, boasting 5 reels, 5 rows, and 19 ways to vanquish those pesky paylines, this game slices through the mediocrity of standard slots. Betting options swing from a mere 0.1 coin to an epic 100 coins per spin, suited to both fledgling fighters and master swordsmen alike. Coupled with a solid RTP of 96.29% and the enticing promise of medium volatility, Blade Master balances risk with reward in a dance as intricate as the battles you’ll witness on screen.

The intuitive user interface and accessibility across all devices—be it mobile, desktop, or notepad—underscore Backseat Gaming’s commitment to seamless player immersion. But the true thrill lies in the features: a Wild Symbol, the namesake Blademaster feature, and heart-pounding Free Spins. This review will delve deep into the marrow of the Blade Master slot, dissecting each element to provide you with a trustworthy guide on what to expect when you draw your blade and spin the reels in this fantastical showdown.

Game Information

Title Blade Master
Developer Backseat Gaming
Reels 5
Rows 5
Paylines 19
RTP 96.29%
Release Date 29/02/2024

Blade Master Slot Features

Wild Symbol

In this game, the Wild Symbol, adorned with a fiery “W”, brings more than mere substitution for other symbols; it carries the power to bestow direct payouts up to an electrifying 20X when it graces your payline in a group of five. The Wild is no mere bystander in the ebb and flow of the game; it is the tide itself.

The Blademaster Feature

It’s when Blade Master stands apart from its kin, striking the anvil of luck with a chance at random triggers in the base game and Free Spins. Two to five Wild Multipliers may appear, brandishing multipliers from 2X to 10X, each capable of towering standalone wins or synergizing for a fearsome payout when combined. It’s a feature that embodies the unpredictability and excitement of slot gaming.

Free Spins

The cave of Free Spins beckons, where the Blademaster’s prowess is amplified. Land three or more Bonus Scatter Symbols, and you’re granted passage with 10, 12, or 14 spins under your belt. In these shadowy depths, the Global Multiplier ascends to heights of 50X, and every Wild is in lockstep with this ever-growing force. Accumulate Blue Flags, and watch the multipliers pile on each other, bringing you ever closer to the ultimate win.

Bonus Buy

For those who prefer the fast lane to glory, the Bonus Buy catapults you right into the action of Free Spins for a princely sum of 100X your stake, with a slightly elevated RTP of 96.30%. It’s a short cut worthy of a Blade Master, ensuring your path to potential riches is but a click away.

Review Summary

Backseat Gaming’s Blade Master is a testament to their skill in creating slots that captivate with sound mechanics and engaging console-quality visuals. Each spin is a brush with destiny, each feature a battle to be won with the valor of the Wild Symbol at your side. The game is a nod to the fantasy aficionados, sprinkling nostalgia with every monster defeated and every multiplier unfurled. A medium volatility ensures that the game remains accessible, with a 13,000X max win dangling like a tantalizing chalice for those brave enough to reach for it. Moreover, the Bonus Buy option is a neat touch for the impatient warriors among us, a testament to the variety provided within this slot’s gameplay.

Pros and Cons


  • The feature-rich gameplay includes a dynamic Blademaster feature that captures the essence of heroism and chance.
  • An RTP above the industry average, paired with medium volatility, ensures a balance of small victories and grand jackpots.
  • Bonus Buy option feeds into the urgency for immediate action, a befitting trait for the game’s valorous theme.


  • The symbol design, while thematically fitting, may seem underwhelming compared to other slots with more intricate artistry.
  • The slow revelation of symbols might frustrate some, especially those accustomed to a brisker pace of play.


What features can players find in Blade Master?

Blade Master harbors exciting features that include Wild Symbols, the Blademaster feature with multipliers, Free Spins, and the Bonus Buy option.

What is the max win in Blade Master?

Dauntless players have the chance to sweep a win of up to 13,000X their bet, making each spin a potential turning point towards riches.

Is Blade Master optimized for mobile play?

Absolutely! This slot’s sharp graphics and smooth gameplay are seamlessly accessible on mobile devices, ensuring players can engage in their heroics anytime, anywhere.

How does the Wild Symbol work in Blade Master?

The Wild Symbol not only substitutes for all other paying symbols to fashion winning combinations but also packs a punch with multiplier values, skyrocketing wins during the Blademaster feature.


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