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Blackjack Royal Pairs Review

Blackjack is, of course, one of the best-known casino games on the planet. It is one of the first games that many people look for when they first start playing table games online. However, there are plenty of different twists on this game out there to help make things interesting. iSoftBet has already led the way in helping to simplify and transform a few of the classic games you will already know and love. In this Blackjack Royal Pairs review, we will look at why their variation on 21 is potentially going to appeal to you.

Overall rating

Blackjack Royal Pairs is a variation on the pontoon or 21 classic that is actually fairly contemporary. Unlike other emulations of the table game, there are a few spins here that could hold your interest. Let us look at a few statistics and consider what sets this table apart from the wider pack – is it the best blackjack game online?

Title Blackjack Royal Pairs
Developer iSoftBet
RTP 93.72%
Max Win 150x
Release Date January, 2020

First impressions

Blackjack Royal Pairs is certainly one of the best-looking card game emulations we have seen online for quite some time.

iSoftBet has led in with realistic table and card designs – photorealistic, in the case of the decks – which help to make the game feel that little bit more authentic. Short of you playing a live dealer game of 21 or blackjack, this is the closest you are going to get to the ‘real deal’ without leaving your home or going beyond your smartphone.

Otherwise, much of what you would normally expect from an online blackjack game is right here to see and enjoy. The table is well-spaced, and it is clear to see what you are playing for. The visuals in this game are among its biggest selling points, but of course, it is always a good idea to go beyond the looks!

Interesting touches

The main twist to this game is that it is not ‘just’ straight blackjack. Blackjack Royal Pairs centers around the royal pairs side bet, which you may have heard of if you have experience in the game elsewhere. This side bet lets you decide whether or not the initial pair you draw will turn up in a specific way. Essentially, when you bet on royal pairs, you are expecting either two aces or a combination of the royal characters. An ace and a king, for example, will count as a win on this bet.

The highest payout on the royal pairs bet comes into play when you draw two aces on your first two cards. This is extremely rare, which is why the bet pays handsomely at 150x your stake. It is certainly not a bet that you can bank on, however.

That said, side bets such as the royal pair should not be taken lightly. Always make sure you have full sight of your bankroll and set limits at your chosen casino before you make a side bet. You can also choose to play this game without the side wager, which means you can play straight blackjack if you prefer.

How to play Blackjack Royal Pairs

On the whole, if you already know how to play blackjack, pontoon, or any other regional variation, then you are already miles ahead with this game.

Simply place your bet at the start of each hand using available chips, and aim to make your total as close to ’21’ as possible. If you go over the total ’21’, you go bust, and the banker or dealer wins. If you do not draw enough to get close to 21, you can choose to ‘twist’ or ‘hit’ and add a third card to your pair. You can also choose to ‘stick’ or ‘stand’ if you feel you are as close as you can get to the magic number.

As always with blackjack, if the dealer or banker gets closer to 21 in their hand than you do in yours, they win the bet.

With the royal pairs bet that runs central to this particular game, you place your side bet before you draw your first hand. The bet applies to your two initial cards, and if both are classed as ace or royals, you win. However, that does not mean you will necessarily win the full game.

If we could offer any Blackjack Royal Pairs tips, it would be to avoid using the side bet on every hand. Unfortunately, the odds on this bet are usually high for a reason. That said, there is always a chance for conversion, hence why this particular game is proving very popular with seasoned blackjack masters.

iSoftBet tends to do a great job of taking classic games and simplifying them just enough for a wider audience. The only really big change in this variation of 21 is the fact that there’s a side bet – that is something that some other variations carry already – however, this game will never overload you with hundreds of confusing options.

What we love about Blackjack Royal Pairs:

  • It’s a simple addition to the classic game
  • It looks amazing across all devices
  • It is easy to see what to do and what happens next
  • It is a smooth and speedy experience
  • It carries the iSoftBet standard of ‘simple yet effective’

What we don’t really like about Blackjack Royal Pairs:

  • The RTP is quite low for this type of table game
  • It doesn’t add much more than a side bet – some players may want more


Is it worth looking for sweeps casinos that host Blackjack Royal Pairs from iSoftBet? We would definitely say so. The RTP may be a little on the lower side at under 94%, but it gives us just enough of a change to the classic game to be worth our while.

Blackjack is an exciting game, and as always, keep an eye on your bankroll. Side bets can be fun, but don’t lose sight of your funds!

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