Play free casino games for real prizes at Chumba!

Chumba Casino offers a great choice of free casino-style games and a warm community experience that’s heightened through its social media channels. Along with a huge library of more than 150 slots, you can also explore an impressive collection of table games, jackpots, bingo, and more, all of which are completely free to play. You’ll even find games like solitaire, which only appeal to a small number of players, but show the casino is keen to offer something for everyone.
Like all sweepstakes casinos, Chumba Casino does not accept cash bets and you do not have to make a deposit to get started. Instead, it has two virtual currencies that you use to pay for your games: gold coins and sweeps coins. Both types are given away free by the casino through various promotions and bonuses. Gold coins are used for casual and fun play on all your favorite titles. You can play all of the same games with sweeps, but if you build up enough of a balance, you can redeem your winnings for real cash prizes and other rewards. 

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Chumba Casino is a social sweeps house that’s part of the VGW gaming company. Like all the casinos in this group, it delivers a high-end experience for newcomers and seasoned players. The product offer includes more than 150 free-to-play casino-style games, with bingo, scratchcards, jackpots, and more adding to the extensive portfolio. As Chumba Casino operates on a two-coin system, you will never have to spend cash or make a deposit, although you do have the option of buying extra coins. They have taken the time to create a solid customer support service, backed up by a comprehensive FAQ section and on-page assistance to guide you through any trickier aspects of the site. 

COMPANY NAME Chumba Casino
LICENSE NO. MGA/B2C/188/2010

Is Chumba Casino available all over the United States?

Aside from Michigan and Washington — two states that have different gaming laws from the rest of the country — you can sign up for an account from anywhere in the US. In Idaho, you will only be able to play with gold coins, although that will not restrict your access to any free games. 

How is Chumba Casino able to provide free games and cash prizes to players?

When you think about a traditional casino, the focus is on gambling with cash, but social casinos like Chumba have turned that around. Instead of real-money betting, these houses aim to provide entertainment and fun to their patrons. Even if you wanted to, you would not be able to place a cash bet. Instead, it’s all about exploring the library using the casino’s virtual currencies, gold coins, and sweeps coins. 

Chumba Casino free games

Gold coins are given away free of charge by all social casinos, and Chumba provides a large number of them when you first register for an account. That means you can get straight into the games library and start spinning the reels, without waiting for a deposit to clear. Gold coins have no cash equivalent or any value at all outside of the casino, they are simply used to play games in what social casinos call standard mode. That means if you are lucky enough to have a few wins, you will be rewarded with more gold coins, and this helps to extend your gameplay. 

Sweeps coins are different, because when you use this form of currency to play the same games, you have the chance to win a real cash prize or a gift card. The casino also gives these away,  but in smaller amounts. Once you toggle over to sweeps coins, it’s known as promotional play. Any winnings you build up are rewarded in sweeps coins, and when you’ve collected 100 coins, these can be redeemed for a cash prize. However, just like gold coins, sweeps coins have no intrinsic value aside from what they can be redeemed for at Chumba. That means you won’t be able to use them to buy extra gold coins, and you can’t pay for more sweeps coins using your gold coin balance. 

If the idea of using two separate currencies seems slightly unusual, or even confusing, you can rest assured that the casino has made it very simple to navigate between these two coins. Once you have selected a game and entered the start screen, you can just choose ‘Enter with Sweepstake’ or ‘Enter with Gold Coins’.

As gold coins are provided free of charge and wins won’t count towards any real-world prizes, people who are simply planning to relax on their favorite slots for a few hours will often go for gold coin play. It’s the same when you are first learning the mechanics of a new game or testing out a strategy in blackjack, for example. There is no point in risking your sweeps coins until you have the best possible chance of a win, so using your gold coins makes more sense. 

Buy Gold Coins at Chumba Casino

On the other hand, you can use sweeps coins when you are hoping to redeem them to bag real prizes, such as cash rewards and gift cards. Whichever mode of play you select at Chumba, you will have access to the entire library of casino-style table games, slots, bingo, and jackpots. So, you are not restricted to a certain group of games, just because you are playing for more gold coins or because you are aiming to win a cash prize.

Aside from the lack of cash betting, the free-to-play experience at Chumba Casino will be very familiar to anyone who has played at a land-based or online casino before. 

Can you get coin bonuses and awards at Chumba Casino?

Yes, there are many free codes for Chumba Casino. You can use these to get a large number of gold coins and smaller numbers of sweeps coins. Most codes are sent along with the casino’s regular newsletter, so it’s worth agreeing to receive mailouts when you sign up for an account. Once you are a regular player, you’ll start to see your gold coin balance going up automatically. That happens just because you are logging in for a few games. Often referred to as a log-in reward, these bonuses appear as a pop-up on your screen when you are eligible. All you need to do is click on the notification and the coins will be added to your account automatically. 

Aside from looking out for codes, you will find that gold coins are often released into your account during a session of gaming. That could be because you have scored a succession of wins, or you’ve been playing for a set length of time. 

Chumba Casinos store - free sweeps coins

Often the free codes for Chumba Casino will deliver you so many gold coins that you never have to worry about running out. However, aside from code offers, the casino will also provide gold coins if you carry out certain tasks. In the first instance, just joining the casino and becoming a member will net you a large haul of coins. The terms and conditions of welcome bonuses can change regularly at any casino, but recently Chumba has offered an astonishing two million gold coins as a golden hello to new players. These come with two sweeps coins, so you can also play free games for cash as soon as you’ve signed up.  

You tend to get fewer sweeps as part of any bonus. That’s because they are considered to hold more value, as playing with them can lead to you landing a cash prize. Moreover, you cannot buy more sweeps coins, even if you run out of the currency entirely. However, you will be given some extra sweeps coins if you choose to buy more gold coins. Bear in mind that there are playthrough requirements for any sweeps coins that you get as part of a gold coin purchase or are given as a bonus by the casino. You’ll need to play with these coins at least once before they are eligible to be redeemed. 

From time to time, we all have a period of bad luck when the wins just don’t seem to be happening. If that happens and you do find yourself with a dwindling gold coin balance, buying more is easy. Just log in to your account, select ‘Make Payment’ in the ‘Cashier’ section, and then choose a package. You’ll be buying gold coins, but as we’ve mentioned, there will always be free sweeps thrown in with your purchase. 

Payment methods

bank transfer
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Can you get free codes for Chumba Casino on social media?

The interactive nature of sweepstakes casinos is one of the reasons they are becoming so popular with all generations of players. Chumba has a very active presence on Facebook, Instagram, and X, where it stages no-cost coin giveaways and other promotions. To get these rewards, you usually have to share the post, or just like and comment on it.

There are promotions on Facebook at least once a week and these can sometimes take the form of competitions. Here you have the chance to win gold coins and sweeps coins in varying quantities. From answering quiz-type questions to solving simple puzzles, these events are very accessible and you won’t have any difficulty taking part. Some are based on a particular slot game and others ask you to answer more general questions. 

What is the game spread like at Chumba Casino?

Game types

h4 Slots

If you are making a list of sweepstakes casinos with the best games portfolio, Chumba is certainly one to consider. Chumba does not offer its games in a demo mode, so you will need to open an account and become a member before you play. However, registering is a very fast process because you only need to provide the most basic details at this early stage. It is only if you choose to buy more gold coins or redeem sweeps coins that you will need to verify your identity and add details of a payment method.

Once you’ve completed the Chumba Casino login process, you can immediately play all the games without it costing you a dime. As all of the games are free, and you don’t risk any of your own money, it can feel a bit like playing in demo mode. However, at a sweepstakes casino, there is the added incentive of potentially winning a cash prize. You can play with sweeps coins on the entire library, so whatever type of game you prefer, it could provide you with more sweeps to convert into cash. 

The game selection is one of the best things about Chumba — they have assembled a diverse collection of more than 150 slots.  Chumba’s parent company — VGW — is a social gaming and technology firm that develops many titles for the casino in-house. That way, Chumba can be responsive to the feedback it gets from players and also provide more variety. Aside from these exclusive games, they also work with many of the biggest names in casino gaming software development. You’ll find titles from the likes of Yggdrasil, Pragmatic Play, and NetEnt.

The slots include all the familiar themes that fans will be looking for, from classic three-reel games like Triple Double Golden Eagles to titles inspired by ancient Egypt, like The Sand Princess, as well as Wild West adventures, like Stampede Fury. The variety of special features is impressive, with slots that provide bonus games, multipliers, scatters, and wilds to create a more exciting, immersive experience. 

You can also find games that are rare in social casino portfolios, such as bingo, Slingo, and the card favorite, solitaire. Rarer still are table games, but at Chumba you have the chance to play a few rounds of blackjack and also roulette. To get into this area, just click the ‘Table Games’ tab to see the entire collection. If you are unfamiliar with how to play these games, it’s worth reading through the information section of each before placing a stake as they can be quite fast-paced. Moreover, check to see that you are happy with the wagering requirements, as table games often have higher minimum bets than slots. 

Chumba Casino has a great deal of choice in its games library, with innovative original slots that you won’t find anywhere else, alongside big-name titles from established developers. Better still, as this is a social casino you can pay for your bets using either sweep or gold coins, and enjoy hours of gaming for free. 

Are there any rules about redeeming sweeps coins for real prizes?

Chumba Casino Redemtion - how to redeem your SC for Gift Cards or Cash Prizes

Yes. Although signing up for an account and playing free games is easy at Chumba Casino, redeeming your sweeps coins is more time-consuming. Initially, you will need to make sure that you have fulfilled the playthrough requirements and that you have enough sweeps coins in your account. Each sweeps coin is worth $1 and the lowest number you can redeem is 100, so you’ll get a minimum of $100 on every transaction. The maximum limit is 500 sweeps coins per redemption. 

Next, you will need to verify your account by confirming your ID. This helps the casino to meet its responsibilities in terms of compliance. Not every state allows sweepstakes gaming, so you’ll need some form of government ID that shows your name and address, as well as a bank statement or utility bill to confirm that information. Once you’ve emailed the casino a copy and they’ve checked your details, you’re free to begin. 

Log in to your account, select the ‘Options’ tab, then click ‘Redeem’. You will be asked whether you want to redeem your funds for a cash prize or a gift card. If you choose cash, you’ll need to choose a payment method as well, so the casino knows where to send the funds. Next, select ‘Continue’ and finally ‘Confirm’. Your account should be credited within seven days, although the process is often completed more quickly. 

Can you rely on Chumba Casino and its customer support team?

Chumba Casino is a safe, reliable place to play, and is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority — this is always a positive sign. It means the casino is operating to a strict set of standards established by the authority and is subject to regular inspections. As a result, you can assume Chumba delivers a fair and honest service to players. Furthermore, Chumba Casino uses a random number generator to predict the outcome of each spin. Known as the Mersenne Twister, it uses an algorithm to quickly generate sequences of results in a way that is entirely fair for the player.

​Once you join up and open an account with Chumba, you may have concerns about sharing your data and how the casino manages this personal information. However, this is a professional house that encrypts any data passing between itself and patrons using an SSL protocol. That means any sensitive financial details that you provide to purchase gold coins, for example, will be protected. 

Should you need to ask a question while you are gaming, or if you require help with any aspect of the Chumba experience, they have a range of options when it comes to contacting the customer care team. Probably the simplest way of getting in touch is by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ button — there is one on both the top and the bottom of the casino’s homepage. This moves you on to the ticketing system which is used to address more complex issues about verification, redeeming awards, and purchasing. If you have a more general query and it’s not urgent, you can head to Chumba’s Help Center and use the search feature to browse their FAQs for an answer. There are lots of support categories that address everything from technical issues to promotions and site navigation. 

Chumba Casino support

When your query is more urgent, the fastest way to get a response is through one of their social media pages. Send a message on X, Instagram, or Facebook, and add a few screenshots if that would provide more insight into the issue. Finally, the email address for the Chumba customer support team is Although there is no phone number, the team is very informed and helpful. According to Chumba, they aim to get back to you within 24 hours, at the most. 

Is Chumba Casino available on mobile? 

Chumba Casino has been designed to be compatible with multiple devices, so you can log in on your laptop in the morning and return later for a few games on your phone, without experiencing any change in quality. To move between devices in this way, you just need to use the Chumba Casino login details that you created when signing up. Whether you’re on a phone, tablet, or PC, you’ll automatically be taken to the best version of the casino for the size of screen you’re using. 

This is a very responsive site that reacts immediately when you select a game or move between the various sections. Plus, because you are streaming content directly from Chumba, rather than downloading the games, once you click on a title it opens straight away. If you have a favorite game, it will be available on every device, along with the rest of the games library and the blackjack center. 

To get all the various features of Chumba onto a smaller screen, the interface is presented with very few distractions or unnecessary clutter. At the top of the landing page, the main menu houses all the key functions, such as quick navigation to the games room, the About and Contact sections, as well as the ‘Login’ button.  You can find out more about the casino’s licensing at the foot of the landing page, where they’ve also put their terms and conditions, privacy policy, and fan wall. By clicking the fan wall you’ll be taken to the casino’s Facebook page to see photos and comments from players who’ve had big wins.


Chumba Casino offers a premium experience for any US player seeking a large portfolio of great slot games, an abundance of free-play rewards, and a user-friendly interface.